connecting camcorder to p.c.

  floyd 768 16:23 10 May 2003

I have a JVC GR-DVL355 camcorder which i am wanting to connect to my p.c in order to transfer my video recordings to c.d. or d.v.d.
I connect my camcorder to my p.c using USB but it seems the only way to transfer my recordings to my p.c. is by FIREWIRE. Is there any other way i can do this.

  floyd 768 20:46 10 May 2003


  SafeHaven 20:51 10 May 2003

I have had mine working via usb but use it on Firewire now I think as i remember some programs worked others didn't. Have you got win xp with Movie maker 2 ? if so try it on there.

Hope this helps pat

  Totally-braindead 20:57 10 May 2003

floyd 768, a firewire card would cost you between £15 and £20 and they would make your movie making far easier than trying to use a USB, USB is extremely slow when compared to firewire.

  floyd 768 22:25 11 May 2003


  floyd 768 22:27 11 May 2003

Thanx for your advice but my camcorder,although it digital does not have a firewire port

  LAP 19:44 12 May 2003

floyd 768 (my camcorder is fitted with a firewire port) I have tried using it with the USB which is no good. I have tried SafeHaven's suggestion via Movie maker 2 still no good. Have you tried contacting JVC on their site they state 'happy to answer emails' [email protected] it's worth a try. Lap..

  floyd 768 21:47 13 May 2003

cheers for that lap i will try that.

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