Connecting broadband to my home LAN

  SMF 19:25 11 Jun 2003

I have an existing Ethernet LAN at home, and a 56k modem in my machine. I use internet connection sharing over my LAN to connect other PCs to the web.

I will soon be moving to a broadband area.

What kit will I need to connect my LAN to broadband. My current LAN hub is a Linksys 5 port workgroup (RJ45), with a spare port. Can I just get an ADSL modem with RJ45 out and plug it into my current hub?



  A15 19:41 11 Jun 2003

you probobaly could if you used the right software. I used to share my NTL broadband that way once, but it was difficult to set up & had constant niggly problems. The moment I invested in a router everything was fine. So personally I would go for the router, it is more expensive but a lot less hassle.

  PSF 20:03 11 Jun 2003

click here

Routers are a lot cheaper now. The link for the one above is the one I use.

With the router you can use your pc's independently and even use your Xbox at the same time. The router hides your network, and protects it with a hardware firewall.

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