Connecting to broadband from laptop

  sheila.weston 19:52 21 Oct 2007

I had my laptop configured to go on broadband some weeks ago and have only just got around to using it instead of my normal pc.

Can someone tell me what I connect to where, please. I have connected it to the mains and also connected to my pc 'box' with the USB cable. I thought that that was all that was needed.

Should I, perhaps, turn my main pc off? I kept it on. My computer engineer is away and I would love to get this working.

The modem connection is not plugged in as I understood that that was only required for the Dial-up connection.

Many thanks for any help - am feeling a bit dim!

  ambra4 20:01 21 Oct 2007

How is the normal connected via usb or the lan card

  ambra4 20:02 21 Oct 2007

sorry should say "normal pc"

  AI33 20:03 21 Oct 2007

First we need to find out how you communicate with the internet. You mention a modem but also dial-up.

So let us know these two things to start off, if you know.

1) The box that connects to either the phone line or by cable. Follow the wire from this to the box. Now let us know what the make and model of this box is.

2) do you know which ISP [ internet service provider ] you use for the internet. It will be like orange, talk talk, tiscali, BT or something ;like this.

  sheila.weston 20:49 21 Oct 2007

I used to connect by dialup network (ie Tiscali billed me by the minute). I now 'have broadband', ie pay so much per month for the connection. The telephones have these little attachments to them.

When the engineer was here he told me that the modem lead was only for dialup use, so wasn't needed unless the broadband connection had a problem. So I have removed it.

Presumably the connection is now through the 'phone-line. I suspect that I should turn off the main computer. Or there may be another lead to connect somewhere, but which one and where?!

The dialup connection window on the laptop says 'not responding' and the egg-timer is showing. Yes, the Broadband, user-name and password have been filled in automatically.

  AI33 20:56 21 Oct 2007

thats good.

" The telephones have these little attachments to them. "

that will be the broadband filters. You should have a lead from these filters to a box. The box will be either a modem or a router.

If it is a modem, then you will then have a wire from this modem box into the main fixed PC.

If it is a router, you still may have a wire to the main PC but it could also have no wires from this box. That would make the router wireless.

So we need to know if the box is a router or if it is a modem and if it has a wire to the main computer.

So look at the box at the end of the filter and let us know the make and model of it.

  ambra4 20:58 21 Oct 2007

Ok there should be two cable at the back of the little black box with all the flashing light

One goes to the phone line and the other one goes to the back of your normal PC you to need to disconnect the one going to the back of the pc and connect to your laptop lan port

But first need to know have the laptop been set up to access the Internet via the broadband?

  AI33 21:03 21 Oct 2007

" Presumably the connection is now through the 'phone-line. I suspect that I should turn off the main computer. Or there may be another lead to connect somewhere, but which one and where?! "

It sounds as if you are using a broadband modem from tiscali, though it would be good to be 100% sure.

If you are using a modem, turn off the main computer. Follow the wire from the modem to the rear of the computer and take out the connection. It will probably be in a usb port.

Put this usb lead into the laptop's usb's port and the double click on the tiscali icon.

  sheila.weston 10:32 22 Oct 2007

Thanks, AI33 and Ambra4. I had completely forgotten about the 'little black box', which is a speedtouch. Yes, one wire leads to the telephone connection and the other to the modem socket on the back of the computer. The connection/socket on the back of the pc looks like a USB connection (sorry, don't know the correct jargon).

Yes, the modem is a broadband connection from Tiscali and, yes, the laptop has been set up for the broadband connection.

So I turn off the pc, unplug the socket at the back of the speedtouch box, then plug the lead into the laptop connection. Then turn on the computer by pressing the button on the front of the 'main unit', when the laptop should power-up and should connect to broadband. Right?

Problem! While checking the above, I found that I had plugged the squarish end of the USB into the modem socket on the back of the laptop! But where does it go? All my usb leads have a flat end which goes into the back of the pc and a square end. The laptop is a Maxdata, and the engineer definitely connected it up before, but how? There are two USB flat sockets at the back of the laptop, a modem socket with diagram of a phone, a very tiny square socket, another squarish socket, rather like the modem socket with a diagram of three pcs, as well as the usual round ones.

  brundle 11:55 22 Oct 2007

The cable from the modem plugs into your laptop, the ordinary USB end. The square end is called a B type connector - that should still be in the modem. click here

Ignore the main PC, you need modem drivers installed on the laptop. Do you know what model number the modem is?

  brundle 12:55 22 Oct 2007

Sorry, just re-read, your laptop is set up to go on broadband - just plug the cable from the modem in then..

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