connecting to broadband

  YinHoNg 13:29 17 May 2004

I'm thinking of upgrading to broadband with pipex- their solo500 deal. The only problem i can forsee at the moment is that the phone socket and my computer are pretty far away. In fact the computer is actually 3 floors up. How would i still connect to broaband with this set up?

  MichelleC 13:36 17 May 2004

My son's in loft, but can get b/b. We got BT to put in proper ext. (circa £90).

  stlucia 13:43 17 May 2004

Three floors up could be less than 10 metres if you can find a straight route (out a window, and back in through another window?). So you might get away with an ADSL extension cable from your existing phone socket click here

  rawprawn 13:51 17 May 2004

My BB Computer is connected via a long (15 meter)ordinary phone extension bought at B & Q for about £10. Just remember you will need a filter at the end where the extension is connected to your nearest phone line, and another filter at the other end where you will connect the computer.No worries.

  Graham ® 14:39 17 May 2004

This should make things clear

click here

  stlucia 14:55 17 May 2004

If you use an ADSL extension cable you'll only need one filter, at the phone socket.

  Holographic_man 16:37 17 May 2004

you could always set up a wireless system, then you could link any PC/ laptop into the system. Depends how much you want to spend.

  YinHoNg 17:34 17 May 2004

The problem is that i live above my dad's chinese takeaway. If i was to install wires then it would have to be through an area which might flood during rainy times. Also, the 'basic' layout of my house(above the shop) is really complicated.... lots of stairs and round the corners.... so no direct route.

I could go perhaps on the outside walls but is that practical? i.e. will weather affect it?

Could anybody tell me more about wireless set up....... how efficient it is and set up?

  matthew-293741 18:49 17 May 2004

weatehr will affect standard B&Q wire over can get special external phone wire which has a brown sleeve over the normal white wire protecting it from the elements.

hop[e that helps

  end 19:08 17 May 2004

(???is this what one might call " going round the bend and climbing up the wall ??")

  jimmer409® 20:21 17 May 2004

there is a simple solution, for less than £100 you can connect wirelessly, all you need is a pci receiver for the computer (easy to install) and a wireless modem see click here

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