Connecting to AOL... A modem was not found!

  mike2004 22:07 04 Sep 2004

Just bought a new PC, modem installed (QTEC?) and trying to swop my AOL from old PC tp new PC, but get the above problem 'A modem was not found, AOL dod not detect a modem...'

Any ideas?

  CurlyWhirly 22:19 04 Sep 2004

Did you follow the installation routine properly?
I am with AOL and with my broadband modem you only connect the USB cable after it asks you and not before the drivers have actually been installed.
If you have done everything in the right order the only thing I can think of is you have remnants of your old modem driver still in the registry and this is causing a conflict - assuming you DID have a modem before?

  Cuddles 00:10 05 Sep 2004

Is the modem a broadband one or are you using a preinstalled dialup modem?

  Djohn 00:17 05 Sep 2004

You say the modem is installed from purchase so I assume it's an internal dial-up modem. Have you installed the drivers for same?

  mike2004 14:25 06 Sep 2004

Thanks for your replies... more detail:
I purchased the computer with the internal modem already installed (not sure if it's a 'broadband' modem -- is there a difference?. I loaded a copy of the Windows 2000 operating system onto it. I am in the process of trying to install dial-up AOL 9.0 (which I have already subscribed to, and successfully used over the last 12 months or so, on my old computer) onto the new computer.

The machine did not have any modem CD with it, it only had the motherboard CD. When I check the modem driver via device manager the date is 1999 (sounds old!). Should I try and get a more up to date one?, if so from where? -- could ask the supplier, but they could send through wrong one.

Appreciate your thoughts...



  Cuddles 23:55 07 Sep 2004

You need to find the make of your modem and locate and load drivers for it, its unusual not to get a drivers disc with new computer, I would get in touch with supplier for disc, presumeably it is not on motherboard disc, or you could look on click here

  holly polly 09:13 08 Sep 2004

click here
download and run the file locate your modem details ,put the details into the google search engine ,and go and find the drivers ,you say that aol has not found the modem ,is their a yellow exclamation mark at the side in device manager? if so this usually means the drivers are not installed -post back and let me know -regards -Hol Pol....

  Muzzsjm 00:26 15 Oct 2004


LOL I say this to everyone, I used to work for AOL. For some reason with alot of newer pc's ones mainly using Intel and Connexant modems AOL does not detect them or it works for a while then ides.

If your modem is one of those two then you have real problems, but there are many dodgy modems. We found in Technical Support that the only way to get around this is to update your drivers for your modem. Any drivers dated after June 2002 should be fine.

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