Connecting 7.1 surround sound to soundcard

  wattley28 15:23 08 Aug 2008

Can anyone help my mum and dad!!
I can`t help because I live too far away,but my dad needs help wiring his speakers to his sound card.I think it is a 7.1 system connecting to a Sound Blaster sound card.
They can work out putting the green plug to the green socket on the sound card,but the say that all the other plusg are black and it is confusing for them!
An online site with a diagram showing where to put the leads would help!

  woodchip 17:37 08 Aug 2008

connecting to a Sound Blaster sound card, But does it support 7.1 surround

  Ditch999 18:23 08 Aug 2008

Creative support site for connecting home theater kits click here

  wattley28 22:07 08 Aug 2008

I`ve passed details on to dad.
I`m saying it`s 7.1,it may not be,but I know I got it up and running for him when his pc had crashed.
Thanks for that,I`ve sent the details fo the site on to dad.
thanks to all

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