Connecting 2nd pc to broadband

  campbell2 20:00 09 Apr 2008

I have a pc (xp)running on Talktalk broadband via an adsl modem
I also have a second pc(xp)on the same desk and this is networked to the first via ethernet cable
I would like to connect broadband to the second pc and use use indepentently of the first pc
Can anyone suggest the best and most cost effective way of doing this. I'm assuming I need a router or switch or hub but am unsure what equipment to buy and how to interconnect to my setup

  ambra4 04:47 10 Apr 2008

If you think you will be using a wireless device at any time in the future you will need to

purchase a wireless router and just disable the wireless

With a router you need to configure the wan port for it to connect to the modem and your ISP

You also need to configure the LAN side of the router for it to give each computer a difference IP address

D-Link 54Mbps Wireless Broadband Route

click here

Or you can just use a switch for now until you need a wireless router

A switch is sometimes called an 'intelligent hub', and now that they are no longer significantly more expensive than hubs they have almost replaced them entirely.

A switch does the same as a hub, in that it connects devices to allow them to act as a single segment.

However, it does not automatically send traffic to every other port.

Each time a frame of data comes into the switch, it saves the physical address

(MAC address) and the port it came from in its MAC address table.

It then checks the destination MAC address in the table, and if it recognises it sends the frame to the appropriate port.

If it is not in the table, or the address is a broadcast address (intended for every machine on the local network), then it does the same as a hub and sends the frame through every port except the originating port.

D-Link 5 Port 10/100 Unmanaged Ethernet Switch

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Unplug the Ethernet cable from the modem from the first computer and connect to port 5

on the switch

Connect a second Ethernet cable to the first Computer from port 1

Connect a third Ethernet cable to the second Computer from port 2

Check the LAN card and the network setting is correct on both computers

click here

Or you can replace your present ASDL modem and purchase one of the new ASDL2+2 Modem Wireless Router an all in one unit

This one also comes with a USB Wireless Adapter

D-Link AirPlus G 54Mbps Wireless ADSL2/2+ Router with 54Mbps USB Adapter

click here

With this unit you will have to do a total new install on your broadband service

Unplug your present modem and connect the phone line to the ADSL socket and plug

both computer to port 1 & 2 on the router access the router via your browser using the

code in the manual and configure the router using the following setting

Connection Type = PPPoA

VPI/VCI = 0/38

Encapsulation = VCMUX.

User Name & Password that you presently use to access your ISP service

If you not going to be using the wireless system in the router just disable it

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