connecting 2 PC's on broadband

  dan boy 09:33 04 Feb 2004

I am wanting to get Tiscali broadband 3x soon. It comes with free modem and free setup. It only comes with one modem though and i have two PC's. Could anyone tell me how i could connect them both. (do i just need to order another modem, if so what type?). I put my phone number in and it said it was available to me so could you also tell me what Broadband line i would be on. (dont know if its DSL, Cable, ADSL etc.). Then would i just order whichever modem is correct(DSL modem/Cable modem/ADSL modem). I'm not bothered about both PC's been online at the same time, just as long as i can access it through both.


  Lozzy 09:43 04 Feb 2004

Connect the Broadband to PC 1 as normal.

Buy a RJ45 Xover cable and two 10/100 ethernet cards and install then in each PC then connect both PC's with the Xover Cable. Now run the network wizard making sure you have disabled any and all Firewalls. During the wizard setup it will ask you if you want to share the Internet connection. Simple as 1 2 3..

  JerryJay 10:36 04 Feb 2004

If you go with Tiscali, it is ASDL. The best way to connnect more than one PC to Internet is to use a router. This way, you do not need to switch both machine at the same time. If the modem connect to Ethernet (Network) port, you can get a cheap for £10 and then you connect your PC to router if you have network port in your PC (most modern ones have, if donot, fit one only £2.23 click here). Unfortunately, the modem come from Tiscali is USB, not Ethernet. So you need to get a router with ADSL modem build-in. The one I use cost £37.73 click here, it says 4 ports, but actually it is 5 ports, 4 Ethernet + 1 USB. For your case, you can get 1 port version £30.54 (actually you can connect 2 PCs, one through Ethernet and another one through USB). These two routers are very cheap and reliable and have a large user base help each others.

If you don't want so many cables, you can do it wireless, a one port Ethernet/USB wireless router with build in ADSL modem build in cost £64.62, you can connect one PC directly through either Ethernet or USB port and "link" another wireless which need a USB wireless adaptor cost £24.67 click here.

  JerryJay 10:40 04 Feb 2004

Follow up, the USB wireless adaptor I suggested above is nice looking, get a better one slightly cost more: click here or click here or click here

  Nosinnej 16:42 03 Nov 2004

I'm IT illiterate with a similar problem! I have two PC's and just signed up and connected one PC to Broadband via an ISP provider. Looking to connect the other PC but do not understand the jargon. They gave me a modem and filters. Belkin site had a wizard that suggested a USB ethernet Adapter, 5-port network switch and 5m cable (High Performance Category 6 UTP Patch Cable ). I have no idea what all this will do or how to connect it. Anybody out there who can explain in English ?

  TomJerry 17:23 03 Nov 2004

I will give you one "idiot-proof" approach.

(1) Do you want to connect wirelessly or do not mind about the cable?

(2) Two ways to approach the problem (a) Two PCs work inddpendently, both access net via a router, so you only need to switch one which you use (b) One PC as a main PC connected to net and another one connect to net via main one. This way you have to switch the first one on if you use net from 2nd one.

(3) Your PCs desktop or laptop? What Win version they have?

(4) What kind of BB you got, ASDL from phone line or cable? Have you got BB working? Who is ISP.

(5) Can you check to see if your PCs have Lan/Ethernet/Network connection ports?

(6) If no to (5): are you confident enough to open PC to insert a component? no affect to warrenty (normally), easy to do, but not everyone wants to do it.

(7) Do you have any objection to buy equipment from a not well known manufatcurer, but high quality and cheap.

  Nosinnej 12:35 04 Nov 2004

1. Do not mind about cable
2. Prefer a) but happy with b) if easier.
3. Both are desktops. Will check Win version when I get home - not sure how.
4. ADSL from phone line working on one PC OK with Tesco
5. Probably - will try when I get home.
6. Prefer not to
7. No objection if it works. Dont want to spend money and not get a solution !

Thanks for helping - I'll add what I can later.

  TomJerry 16:04 04 Nov 2004

A: Stuff you need to buy: (less than £20)

2 usb network adaptor £7.99 each EtherFast 10/100 Compact USB Network Adaptor click here

1 Cat5 Crossover cable £3.99: Cat5 UTP Crossover Cable 3m (you can get longer one) click here

B: Set up network adaptor
Install software come with product. Then plug usb adaptors into PC and link adaptor. SOFTWARE first and plug in usb stick second, same as any other usb adaptor.

C: Set up ad-hoc peer to peer network. Quit any Firewall software if you have any.

If one PC run WinXP/2k, do it from there. Click My Network Place and click Set up Home network and just follow screen instruction. Setup as working group, if network name is asked. Best type "Workgroup". Each PC should have a name, do this set up from both PCs.

Now two computer should be able to see each other and printer can be used from both PCs. If you want to share certain directories, just right click directory and set share from there.

D: Enable "Internet Connection Sharing" on the PC you link to Tesco. Click my computer and click help topics, search for "Internet connection sharing", it will tell you what to do.

Now, both PCs should be able to access net.

need more help for setup, check out homenethelp click here

  TomJerry 16:05 04 Nov 2004

setup the same as above, but get two usb wirelss adaptors total costs £28

Ebuyer 11Mbps Wirless (WI-FI) USB LAN Adapter (802.11b) click here

  Nosinnej 17:17 04 Nov 2004

Sounds too easy. Thanks for this, I'll give it a go.

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