Connecting 2 PCs.

  Meshuga 22:07 06 Apr 2004

A short while ago I posted a question asking what I had to do to connect 2 computers,one of which was in the next room,both having win xphome and both have ethernet connections on the back. The main PC is on broadband and the other has dialup pay as U go.I was told at the time that all I needed was a crossover cable connected to the 2 ethernet connections.I`m not bothered about using printer or scanner,I just want to be able to connect to the internet and to send email.I hve connected a crossover cable but the second pc would not connect via the main pc.Both were switched on. I have since seen it mentioned that both ethernet connections have to be configuered.
Can anyone pleaseclarify, step by step exactly what I have to do to get it working. Also, do I need to leave the second pc connected via its dial up modem to the phone line or do i disconnect and let the crossover cable do the job.I did try disconnecting from the phoneline but got a message saying "could not find dialtone".Once I get it working through the main pc via the crossover cable does that mean that the second pc is using my broadband connection and its not costing me. Sorry if this is a bit long winded. Hope someone can help. Am having to go offline for a while but will check for replies later.Meshuga.

  powertool 22:42 06 Apr 2004

I used this site to connect two PCs using a DCC and it went very smoothly.

click here

Hope this helps

  jjf72 22:42 06 Apr 2004

The 2nd pc does not need to be connected via dial-up. In fact it will get confused if you do. It's connection to the internet shoudl be via the cable and the 1st pc. Once the network is configured, using the network setup wizard, the 2nd pc s browser should find the connection when you start up. So you should end up with two computers sharing one BB connection, the faster speed being more than enough cope with simultaneous surfing.

I'm having a problem as well. My main PC is connected to broadband and both PCs which I want to network together have network cards. I have a crossover cable between them. I recently had to format both PCs due to hardware changes and once again, I'm having problems getting it right. I'm pretty sure there's nothing wrong with the network components. This has happened in the past when I have had to format. The problem is that it always takes me a few hours or even a day to get it right. And when I get it right, I forget how I did it the next time. I also have to reinstall my USB broadband modem drivers whenever I change this option because I get an error message (error 700-something)when I try and dial. I seriously need to write it down.....

  Meshuga 02:37 07 Apr 2004

To May the Schwartz be with you.Please be aware that if you have a problem you should post it as a separate posting under your own title and not add it to other peoples postings. Your message here is of no help in answering my problem which is the object of my posting it. Meshuga.

  Meshuga 04:49 07 Apr 2004

Many thanks powertool and jjf72 for your response. Will have a go at your suggestions. Regards, Meshuga.

  Smiler 10:22 07 Apr 2004

Here's another useful site click here

I understand what you are trying to say but our problems are similar and I felt that if I made a commment (ok, maybe I said too much), then I would simply just need to look to this post (by going to 'View my postings') and get the answer.

There was no need to be so patronising though. I have been using this forum for nearly 4 years now so I know what it feels like.

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