Connecting 2 Network

  WiLL-A 14:29 15 Jan 2004

Can anyone guide me in the right direction towards connecting over the internet to my office network from home.

Networking is a new area for me and well I have some basic knowledge i still have alot to learn. i imagine I will have to set up a VPN. Can comeone confirm where i locate the IP address from my machine/s and should i set up the ADSL router on the server or one of the PC's.

Also while im here, how do i send an instant message and email from one networked machine to another without connecting to the net. i.e. what do ineed 2 configure.

  spikeychris 15:29 15 Jan 2004

What operating system do you have at home and whats in use at work?

  spikeychris 15:58 15 Jan 2004

Have to pop out so >>>>

Assuming you have a firewall/router you need to first access the router config page. In a browser type in http: \\ (Close the spaces as it would appear as a "click here" if the spaces where taken out) that should give you access to the routers settings. You will need to open port 3389 and set it to forward any connection attempt on that port to your personal computer at the office, by using your office computers IP address.

To do this type ipconfig /all into a command prompt on your machine at work.

When you want to connect from home you will reach the WAN IP address of the office network, the router will forward the connection to your specific computers IP address and it will connect.

You could also use Remote desktop

There are third party tools that do everything for you.....

click here

click here

click here

click here

Messages on LAN: click here for a third party tool or type netsend into run and type the machines name you want to talk to.

  spikeychris 11:51 19 Jan 2004

WiLL-A, did you succeed in this?

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