connecting 2 computers

  jamsie44 14:34 10 Feb 2005

Newbie seeks help :) I have 2 computers both running windows xp home and one with USB 1.1 and the other has USB2. Can they be connected and controlled by one keyboard, I would like to have music on one and my digital albums on the other. Thank in advance jamsie44

  FelixTCat 16:49 10 Feb 2005

Yes, though you may have to install some software on each of them. There are a number of commercial programs that do this, eg Laplink, pcAnywhere.

XP Pro also has this facility built in, but XP Home does not.

  jamsie44 10:58 11 Feb 2005

Thanks FelixTCat !!! I'll have a go at that this weekend Cheers , Thanks again

  FelixTCat 11:30 11 Feb 2005

You're welcome. Come back if you have any problems.

  Rigga 11:36 11 Feb 2005

If you are going the software route, you could also try RealVNC, which is a remote desktop program which is free for non commercial use.

> click here <

Or you could use a hardware solution, by using a KVM switch, so that one, Keyboard, Monitor and Mouse can control two computers. (Only one at a time obv). This is what I use, > click here <

I think it cost around £23 from EBuyer > click here <


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