Connected, not connected, connected..... etc

  zebedoo 15:24 03 Feb 2006

Before I jump up and down in a large pair of boots on my router could anyone offer a piece of more practical advice as to how I can solve this problem?

I have a Linksys router and a wireless connection to it from my PC. I also have a cable broadband modem which is hardwired to the router.

Generally I have a connection to the net but occasionally it drops out without warning. The only way to kick it back in seems to be to disable then enable the wireless network connection. When the connection is present the signal strength received from the router ranks 'excellent'.

This is really annoying; particularly when you're downloading large files etc..!

Any ideas?

Thankas lots!


  keewaa 15:29 03 Feb 2006

If there is another wireless network within range this can interfer with WZC and cause this. To check this, log into the router, enable SSID broadcast. If this cures the problem then just make sure you have good WEP/WPA security enabled. (SSID broadcast really doesn't affect the security, it just hides it from obvious detection)

  zebedoo 22:51 13 Feb 2006

SSID is enabled - further suggestions welcome?


  Taff™ 06:13 14 Feb 2006

Is there another wireless router within range then?

  Haol 08:56 14 Feb 2006

What wireless card are you using?

  Haol 09:02 14 Feb 2006

To find out what wireless card you are using go to the Control Panel>>Network Connections, right click on Wirless Network Connection and select properties then underneath where it says Connect using, it says what wireless card you are using.

  keewaa 09:40 14 Feb 2006

I would check if it is the internet dropping out or the wireless connection. Test this by wiring in by ethernet the PC.

Another fix to try for the wireless is to change the channel being used as the one you're on may be experiencing alot of interference. Best to try are 1,6,11 as these are furthest apart from eachother.

  zebedoo 19:39 15 Feb 2006

Yes, there is another wireless router in range. The network card I am using is a "Belkin 802.11g Wireless Card". I've tested hardwiring to the cable modem, the internet does not drop out. I've also tested hardwiring to the router itself, again the connection does not drop out.

I'll try the channel thing.

Thanks lots.... keep em coming!

  Taff™ 07:04 16 Feb 2006

Check the Belkin site for an updated driver for the Wi-Fi Card. Uninstall & Reload the drivers that came with the card.

I am always dubious about the merits of a Wi-Fi card - they are usually installed low down the tower near the floor, pushed up against a wall and right next to all the other computer electronics. None of which is very good to receive a wireless signal.

Pull the tower as far away from the wall as practicable and see if it improves. I would try a USB wireless adapter. The Belkin F5D7050 comes with an extension lead and cradle that can be positioned away from the computer - on a shelf above the computer for example. Picture click here You`ll find it in PC World at £19.99 - I use them all the time and of course you can move them around between computers very easily. Cheaper than cabling up another computer and no mess.

  Prancer 09:55 16 Feb 2006

A useful little, free, programme is NetStumbler (a search will find it). It will show you what other wireless networks are nearby and also which channels they are using so you can pick a different channel, so minimising interference.

  Haol 12:02 16 Feb 2006

Do as Taff™ said and look for newer drivers. Prancer that was a good idea I always use NetStumbler :)

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