connected but no web

  loser7 10:46 08 Sep 2009

I am trying to connect a friends laptop to the internet through the LAN connection on my router.
Just recently after updating IE it would not connect to the web.
Once running the laptop will show the two PC icons with flashing screens but no small globe to suggest internet connection, also when i try to connect through IE/Firefox i get a message saying the page can not be displayed.
I have stopped firewalls and ran malware and virus scans but still no internet.
Could this be a simple setting that i have missed?

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 10:56 08 Sep 2009

Connected by wire?

MAC filtering on router?

  loser7 11:07 08 Sep 2009

Sorry should have mentioned connected through cable.
MAC filtering is disabled on router and router is working fine.
When i tried the repair tab windows tried to get a new IP address but failed.

  howard64 11:18 08 Sep 2009

firewall! if you run a separate one such as zone alarm you need to set the laptop to a range of IP addresses in the trusted zone. If you have switched off za or equivalent the windows firewall may be controlling in the background although not supposed to be on. I have had experience of switching off za but finding by trial and error it was still in control and not letting things through. Also is the laptop set to your workgroup?

  loser7 11:24 08 Sep 2009

zonealarm has been uninstalled and i have turned windows firewall off i also closed AVG just in case.
How will i know if windows firewall is still blocking, also how do i set laptop to a workgroup?

  loser7 11:54 08 Sep 2009

Once IE was updated this problem occurred click here
I am told zonealarm has been uninstalled by revo as it would not uninstall through control panel>uninstall programs.
Since ZA has been uninstalled there is no such error message on startup but still will not connect to internet.

  loser7 12:04 08 Sep 2009

Just using wireless belkin router Jock1e

  loser7 12:13 08 Sep 2009

without doing anything except pushing power button to bring the laptop out of sleep mode the two PC icons have now got a yellow triangle with explanation mark which means there is limited or no connectivity, also it has been connected for just over 1 hour and has sent 185 Packets and received 261

  howard64 10:29 11 Sep 2009

suggestion install zone alarm - I had this once and za although I thought it was gone was still there. Having installed it make sure windows firewall is off. Then look and see if zone alarm has listed your network adaptor if so note its IP address and check that it is in the trusted zone. If it is go to the other machine and enter the ip address of the first one as trusted. Then do the same with the other pc. Your router will be using an IP address to connect to the net something like on each machine enter that address as your gateway. To set the laptop to a workgroup [may already be on it] right click on my computer then properties. Then click on the computer name tab. The workgroup name will be shown - to change it click on the bottom button marked change. Hope this works.

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