Connected but no internet access - solved

  awest3 14:53 24 Mar 2015

I've had a couple of laptops (both windows 7) with a problem in that they connect to the router wirelessly but cannot access the internet. They were ok if a wired connection was used. Most answers to this say to use the CMD and stop and start various things and also to use ipconfig to get a view of the connection. I tried these various methods and found that none of them worked for me. I decided to have a look at the actual connection itself. I went to 'network and sharing centre' via the control panel then 'Change adapter settings' left clicked on the wireless connection in use then chose 'properties' (the one at the bottom of the dialogue box) then double left clicked on 'IPV4'. on both of the laptops it was trying to use a defined ip address and DNS server address. I changed both to 'obtain the addresses automatically' and everything worked as normal. I suppose my question is how do these things get changed. Neither of the laptop owners has the understanding to change these settings so was it a virus of some sort? I've run various security program against the laptops with nothing found. I'd welcome views on how these settings may have changed.

  john bunyan 15:46 24 Mar 2015

Thanks for sharing your experience. There was another thread where someone had 27 restore points - why are PC's not set to a sensible (say 15%) maximum? Recently on a new Windows 8 Asus, it took me 2 1/2 days to update with all the updates,install Windows 8.1, and getting rid of "windows.old", not to say over 5000 fragmented files. How totally unaware users manage with even new PC's without issues I do not know.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 17:15 24 Mar 2015

Sometimes its virus or malware that change your settings trying to put you through a proxy server where they can then see all your transactions to things like banks and credit card purchases.

Other times its updates that cause the problem the new IPv6 is a major problem for alot of older machnes and the settings need to be reverted back to use IPv4 only .

  Ian in Northampton 20:25 24 Mar 2015

The other thing I always think of when weird stuff like this happens is that just about every choice you make on a PC could involve just changing one bit from a one to a zero or a zero to a one at the point where the rubber hits the road. It's not inconceivable, it seems to me, that in such a complex machine, a bit could get changed accidentally for any number of reasons (not least a transient hardware error in memory) - and leave you with an outcome you weren't expecting. I'm probably completely wrong, of course...

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