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  donmar 18:41 12 May 2006

Hello Everyone
I have a new laptop which is WI FI b&g but I cannot semm to connect to the net.
Do you have to subscibe in some way or how is it possible.

Thank you


  GANDALF <|:-)> 19:06 12 May 2006

You need a wireless modem/router or am I missing something? click here


  rmcqua 19:53 12 May 2006

And you need to subscribe to an internet service provider. The internet doesn't just magically appear down your telephone line.

  donmar 21:13 12 May 2006

I am connected to AOL Broadband Gold and it works fine at home but I would like to know how to connect from my Laptop when away from home.
I have read that this is possible.Does anyone know how?


  GANDALF <|:-)> 21:19 12 May 2006

ahhhhh! You need to be in an area where there is a free wireless network such as the ones in cafes, pubs here and click here shows the local ones to you.


  GANDALF <|:-)> 21:20 12 May 2006
  woodchip 21:22 12 May 2006

If you have a Wireless Router Modem, You have to go into the Setup page for the Modem. Under wireless settings make a note of SSID and all passwords etc. these have to be installed into the Laptop WiFi software there should be a Icon in the system tray you can double click on or choose open after right clicking it, and look where to put the setting. They are all different so cannot see it from this end. PS do not try to setup Encrytion before you get a connection.

  donmar 21:31 12 May 2006

Thanks a lot everyone.I will try all that tomorrow and get back to you.

Is it possible to use a mobile phone?


  woodchip 21:32 12 May 2006

For what?

  mammak 23:34 12 May 2006

woodchip I think he/she means to connect to the internet via his/her mobile but we might have a long way to go before he/she can use that route
might be easier to get your laptop up and going first before going the mobile phone route.

  donmar 11:20 13 May 2006

I was wondering about connecting the laptop to a mobile phone.Or I Have read somewhere about cards to access the net via the laptop where there are no hotspots.
In addition to aol I have a 0844 dialup I can use if I can connect to a phone line ie in a hotel etc but when this is not possible I am looking for a way to connect wirelessly.
There are 3 or 4 hotspots about 5 miles away in bars and I would like to set up the laptop and try there.How can I sit outside the pub in a car and try this?


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