Connect VCR to PC

  Doodles 12:16 27 Dec 2005

I want to convert my vhs tapes to dvd.

I have received Tevion DVD maker vs-sub2800d as a xmas present to get me started. However i am not sure how to connect to my VCR. On the front of the VCR their are the video-L/R audio ports but these are female which is the same as the Tevion capture device. There is no composite port on my VCR. Do i need more cables to connect VCR to device.

Can anyone help please.

Merry Christmas

  Mark5001 12:38 27 Dec 2005

The front ports on a VCR are usually for input from a camcorder Etc. Use a SCART to COMPOSITE adapter from your local electrical shop. Plug the yellow video lead into the back of this and the seperate audio cable. Plug the yellow lead into the tv cards yellow port as well as the audio into Audio IN. Then use a seperate audio lead from line out on TV card to line in on your soundcard. I can't seem to get audio without this step, even though it should work. This is how mine is set up and it works without a hitch every time. May be an easier set up but I can't find it :-))

  Doodles 19:55 27 Dec 2005

After purchasing an adapter i have finally got pictures.... but no audio. When using Power Producer gold i get picture/audio but unable to record. Roxio 8 i get picture but no audio. When using the PVR plus software i get picture but no sound.

Has anyone got any ideas please. It is becoming quite frustrating.

Many thanks.

  mac75 20:49 27 Dec 2005

you need to plug one of the composite audio leads into the line/in of your soundcard.


  mac75 20:52 27 Dec 2005

sorry. i'm away with the fairies, i thought it was a pc you were using.


  jimv7 20:53 27 Dec 2005

Read the manual, it tells you how.

  jimv7 20:58 27 Dec 2005

Read the manual, it tells you how.

  jimv7 20:59 27 Dec 2005

Read the manual, it tells you how.

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