Connect Two Routers together in network

  Rifton 16:00 06 Jan 2014


I'm looking for help because I can't seem to connect a computer to the network that is connected through another network.

Because a picture explains more than a thousand words, I made a map of my network. Here's the link click here do I connect computer A to the rest of the network?

Thanks for the help!


  Secret-Squirrel 17:15 06 Jan 2014

As you're probably already aware, Computer A is on a different subnet so it'll never be able to connect to the other devices on the network.

Is there a reason why Computer A is connected differently like that? Is it perhaps because you've run out of Ethernet ports on the Netgear router?

  Rifton 12:42 07 Jan 2014

Computer A is connected like that because the modem/router is simply next to the computer, but my main router is in another room.

I have fixed the problem by now actually.

I have turned on the modem/router's DHCP and turned off the netgear's one.

The modem/router was connected to the WAN port of the Netgear router: I moved it to a normal LAN port and set the Netgear router to act like a switch or bridge I don't know). I know I cannot access it anymore by IP, but only if I perform a factory reset.

I lost some speed on the overall network performance, but nothing too dramatic.

Thanks anyway for the help

  Secret-Squirrel 17:28 07 Jan 2014

Thanks for the update :)

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