Connect Sony Bravia TV to network

  ARB 21:10 05 Dec 2009

How can I connect my Sony Bravia TV to my internet network? The TVsits in one room and my router in another. The TV does NOT have wireless but does have a LAN socket. Next to the TV is my Rock laptop with a wireless connection to the router. The LAN socket on the laptop is vacant. What is the best way to connect the TV to the world wide web? Thanks

  mgmcc 22:20 05 Dec 2009

Connect the Laptop and TV with a *CROSSOVER* ethernet cable and then enable "Internet Connection Sharing" on the Laptop's "Wireless Network Connection".

To enable "Internet Connection Sharing", open the Network Connections folder ("Start > Run" type NCPA.CPL and click OK). Right click the Wireless Network Connection, select Properties and then the Advanced tab [XP] or Sharing tab [Vista]. Tick the box "Allow other network users to connect through through this computer's internet connection.

  ARB 20:54 10 Dec 2009

Great advice, thanks. But I still have a problem. My IP address is for the wireless router, but the ICS wants to use this address for itself. Although I CAN change the router address, it will involve many changes, much simpler if a registry setting will alter the ICS? Can this be done?

  mgmcc 23:11 10 Dec 2009

ICS must use the Subnet, i.e. the network adapter in the Host PC that connects to the Client must have the address and the Client will get an address by DHCP between and

This means that the third 'octet' of your router's IP address needs to be changed so that it operates in a different Subnet. If all devices connected to the router get their addresses automatically, this shouldn't be a problem - only any 'fixed' IP addresses would need to be changed.

  phil235 22:06 19 Apr 2010

I've just bought a Bravia 32EX403, and the £75 glorified dongle UWA-BR100 for wireless internet access. Wasted most of a day trying to get it to connect. Having found the small box in the router manual wireless configuration to add a wireless device (which no-one tells you about) I'm nearly there, but to "Activate enhanced features" the TV screen says "visit" , which I can't find anywhere. Has anyone succeeded in setting up this wireless link? I'm still hoping to get IPlayer with the TV downstairs and the modem & router (n standard) upstairs, as all the publicity blurb promises!

It also says you need a plug-in to connect TV to PC (Macbook in my case). Where do you find this??

Sony instructions generally seem appalling, after Panasonic.

  dory2 20:57 01 Jun 2010

I have also got a Bravia 32EX403. I can get a USB wifi dongle on ebay for under £10. Does anybody know if it will work? I'd hate to spend £75 for the UWA-BR100 dongle if I don't need to.

  jmckba 22:43 10 Jun 2010

I have a sony kdl-46ex403 with an ethernet connector and a usb connector. If you access the sony support website you will find that sony apologise for the PC to TV error. This is to be corrected in a future update apparently. I cannot get my PC to communicate with the TV via the ethernet socket and the usb port does not recognize a flash drive. Can anyone help please.

  bordersman 13:36 23 Jul 2010


I have bravia 40" lcd tv with wifi dongle (Sony)
Using Linksys wifi router and it works fine. You need to make sure you set a static IP address on your tv.

On your router admin page set static DNS values for DNS1 & DNS2 to

save changes and reboot Router.

If you do manual Network setup on your tv and assign the TV to an IP address of
(last octet can be any number between 11 & 64)
Default Gateway

Save and connect. Worked straight out the box for me. Ignore your ISP's DNS addresses as they are assigned behind the scenes. Make sure DHCP is enabled on the router setup page.

I can also stream music from my laptop via TV. Any problems post back...

Good luck

  Rex1944 13:29 04 Oct 2010

I am trying to set-up my Linksys WAG160 to talk wirlessly to my Bravia KDL37EX503 (no dongle) through a Sony BDP-S570 wireless Blu-Ray player. Is the procedure similar to that described by 'bordersman'? And are the IP and subnet addresses similar to those posted?

  ronaar 16:01 12 Nov 2010

Anyone find an alternative url for which is needed to activate the enhanced features

  olepompey 18:42 29 Mar 2011

I thought earlier comments would solve my problems with my KDL32EX713 but No.
I didn't do anything at the router admin side as I couldn't see what could be changed (I'm on Vista). Its IP is
I looked at adding a wireless device but it lost me.
On the TV I tried the manual set up on that Bordersman suggested with the above in the default and DNS lines. leaving the sub net unchanged at and the IP as
I said No to Proxy sever (didn't understand the comment about DHCP. It searched and came back with wireless device ok but local and internet connection failed !
Can some wise person give me some simple instruction on what to do? It should be easier than this !

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