connect pc to pc on one broadband connection

  steven42 12:27 16 Apr 2005

can any one help me connect two computers to the only broadband connectio i have thank you

  mgmcc 12:47 16 Apr 2005

The simplest way is to connect the two PCs via network adapters with a "crossover" ethernet cable and then enable Internet Connection Sharing on the actual internet connection in the "host" PC.

A better solution, which allows independent internet access, without depending on a "host" PC, is to use a router. However, if you have ADSL broadband, you cannot use a USB modem with a router so a combined modem/router is required (or an ADSL modem that supports an ethernet connection). With cable broadband (Telewest or NTL) the supplied modems do support an ethernet connection so a "stand-alone" router is used.

  stalion 13:03 16 Apr 2005
  steven42 11:55 20 Apr 2005

i got a wirerless router
with a pci reciever for the second pc

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