Connect my laptop to Tv

  ponytail 10:50 22 Jun 2013

With ref to my post of June 14th titled

Watching Sport on the PC

have managed to sort it out but another question now the answer will probably be no but will ask anyway.Is it possible to connect my laptop to my television in order to watch the match on the tv

  Chronos the 2nd 11:16 22 Jun 2013

Yes you can eaily connect a laptop to a PC, how you do it will depend on what connections your laptop and TV has, be it HDMI or VGA.

I have looked at your other post and you do not mention laptop make and model so cannot look at the spec and then suggest what cable you will need to buy. It would also be helpful to know the make/model of TV.

  ponytail 12:36 22 Jun 2013

Hi Cronos the 2nd I am using a ASUS K173E if that helps

  ponytail 12:38 22 Jun 2013

Sorry that should read K73E not K173E

  Chronos the 2nd 12:45 22 Jun 2013

If this is your laptop K73E then you have a HDMI out put, which is good, as it carries sound as well as video signals.So provided you have a HDMI input on your TV it is relatively simple to set up,

So get yourself a HDMI cable of a length that suits and follow this video.

  lotvic 13:09 22 Jun 2013

On my Samsung TV, to view I have to 'select Source' and choose from menu on TV, for TV, PC (vga), HDMI, etc

  ponytail 13:17 22 Jun 2013

The TV is a LG26LX2R

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 16:11 22 Jun 2013

Your TV has HDMi port so all you nee is a Hdmi cable to connect them together

  Ian in Northampton 16:24 22 Jun 2013

.. and don't believe anyone who tells you you need to spend £100 on an HDMI cable either. Anything you can pick up off eBay for 99p is almost certainly as good as what Currys or PC World will rush you £19.99 for. (And yes, you can pay £100 - or more - for an HDMI cable. See here, for example...)

  Chronos the 2nd 17:06 22 Jun 2013

I most of my cables from here,CPC, next day delivery free and a very good service all round. In fact I just bought a 7m HDMI cable,last week. I think it was around a tenner.

  ponytail 14:54 24 Jun 2013

Thanks for all the advice the only problem now is there is only one HDMI socket on the TV.I have got a three way HDMI hub but already have three devises connected which are Media Player,DVD Player and Set Top Box I could always unplug one of these I suppose and I do have a spare HDMI lead

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