Connect mp3 player to home stereo via wireless

  andy625 14:59 14 Jul 2006

Does anyone know of a method to connect an mp3 player to your home pc via a wireless connection?

At the moment I use a lead from the headphone socket on the mp3 to the aux input of the stereo, but I'd like to lose the cable so I can control the music played, without getting up!

  sean-278262 15:19 14 Jul 2006

I dont know of anything myself but even if there is something it will end up being quite large if you use your mp3 player to play it.

  andy625 10:16 17 Jul 2006

I'm just after a wireless replacement for the cable I use at the moment. Surely there must be a small device similar to the ones that take the output from an mp3 player and broadcast it to an fm frequency.

I want to be able to send the output signal from the mp3player, to the "aux in" on the back of my stereo not to the fm radio.

  Paul-334492 10:25 17 Jul 2006

The simplest thing to do might be to use one the various fm transmitters that are available. The drawbacks are limited range, reduced sound quality (varies depending on model) and, of course, the fact that they are technically illegal (due to a 1939 Telecommunications Act that has never been revoked or altered).

  nob14 10:35 17 Jul 2006

search E-Bay for wirless FM transmitter. Get the one from Hong Kong they come with a car adaptor about £3 postage is about £5.

It plugs into the player then you set the output frequency as the same as the radio is tuned to and away you go.

Mine works great.

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