Connect Before Logon??

  IT Boff 12:16 09 Jul 2006

Hi, Im'm using an D-link wireless router and adpters, and have recently purchaced an external hard drive. I would like to make a type of roaming profile with this. In the sense that I will put a copy of every user's profile onto it and then chnage the route to the profile to where it is on the exteral hard drive.
I thought it might not be possiable, but a friend advised me it was, so I gave it a try. It could not find the profile. I think this is becuase of the Wireless network not connecting until the system has loged on? If this is the case is there any way I can get it too conect before logon?
If not please could someone tell me if there is another reason/solution to this.


  mgmcc 13:49 09 Jul 2006

Can the friend who advised you it was possible not tell you how to do it? (I can't even understand the question, let alone try to suggest a solution.)

  IT Boff 15:58 09 Jul 2006

Ok, I know the question Is confusing, but I could not think of how to put it.

In responce to question above, the friend can't. He said it was only a wild guess, and I have already tried what he surgested.

To make the question simpler,

Is there a way to make a Wirless Connection Connect before a User Logs onto a System.

  mgmcc 19:23 09 Jul 2006

I don't know if this answers the question, but if you "Connect" to a wireless network and don't subsequently disconnect before shutting down the PC, the "profile" will be saved and the connection then re-established automatically when the PC is booted (provided the wireless network is available to connect to).

You can have more than one "profile" saved in this way, you can specify the priority of the connections to use and the adapter will connect automatically to the appropriate network.

I think it is unlikely that a connection to a wireless network could be established BEFORE logging in to a User Account when booting the PC, but it is possible to keep a connection running if you log out of one Account and then log into another User Account. If you install TweakUI from Microsoft's website click here it has an option to "Keep RAS Connections after logoff". I'm not sure what merit there would be in having the wireless connection running prior to being logged into the Account though.

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