Connect laptop wirelessly to non wireless network

  Newuser1970 18:07 22 Oct 2005

I have a wired connection between two PCs and have AOl broadband shared between them. My wife is buying a notebook with wireless facility. My questions are: Can I have both wired and wireless broadband connections i.e. still wired between the PCs and wireless between the main PC and the notebook? Also would I need a wireless router as well as my wired router? Also I presume that I would need to put a wireless card into the main PC.

  Taff36 08:58 23 Oct 2005

click here for a MS article about ad hoc wireless networks and broadband connectivity. I think it is exactly what you want to do.

I think though that the real answer is to get a wireless router/modem that will connect all the computers with independant broadband access. Using the above, for example the main PC must be switched on all the time. Each computer will need to be wifi enabled using an internal wifi card or a USB Wireless adapter. I prefer the latter because you could just move the adapter between computers thus saving the expense of wireless connections on each one.

A lot of wireless modem/routers do have ethernet ports as well so you could just keep your current set up with cables. Here`s the one I use that will do all the above. Note that the "bundle" includes a USB adapter which would cost £30 bought seperately. It also has 4 ethernet ports. click here If you Collect from store you save £20. You don`t pay on line simply reserve it at your local store and collect within 2 working days.

  retep888 09:18 23 Oct 2005

Yes, you can have either or both.

You'll have two options: I presume you use ADSL

1. Keep your existing setup, buy a wireless access point, plug into the router and connect to the new wireless laptop.

click here

2. Buy a wireless ADSL modem/router, reconfigure the network, you don't need to buy wireless adapters for your desktops, just use the same ethernet cables,plug them in the wireless router's ports and off you go. Of course you can opt for complete wireless if you want to.

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  Newuser1970 17:28 23 Oct 2005

Many thanks for your replies. I now have all the information I need to (hopefully!) set the system up. Once again many thanks.

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