Connect Laptop to Internet by Ethernetcable

  nora_142 18:42 30 Nov 2005

Hello Everyone,
I'm sorry if this topic is already there somewhere, but as I'm not a very technical person, I at least didn't recognize it ;-)
So, let me describe my situation...
I'm currently spending an exchange year in the United States and have my Laptop with me. I would like to get it on the Internet.
My host family has a DSL connection and their computer is connected to the Router/DSL Modem (dont know exactly) and runs with the yahoo! DSL software.
Now I just have my laptop (which I connect to the wireless Network at home, but I took of the card to do the other connection over here) and an Ethernet cable. I installed the yahoo! DSL software but although the little light shows that the router recognizes the cable the software keeps telling me that the laptop is not connected - just as if the cable was not there.
Now there was a computer specialist in the house the other day and she told me that I might need a so-called Cross-over-cable and that this could make a difference. I just wanted to ask if the situation is familiar to anyone, or if anyone knows what the problem might be. Does it seem likely that my cable is broken somewhere in the inside? I just dont want to go buy a new cable if the problem is something else..

thank you all very much for your help..


  De Marcus™ 19:02 30 Nov 2005

You will need a crossover cable. As for the yahoo dsl software you don't need it. A straight forward ethernet connection via a crossover cable is all you need. You may also need to configure your firewall/router to allow access.

  mgmcc 23:28 30 Nov 2005

A crossover cable is only used to connect two computers directly - "Network Adapter to Network Adapter". If you are doing this and "Internet Connection Sharing" has been enabled in the PC that connects to the internet, then you use a crossover cable.

However, if the people you are staying with have a "Router" and you are plugging into this, you use a straight-wired ethernet cable. You don't install or run any software, just set your Local Area Connection's TCP/IP settings to get the IP and DNS addresses automatically and you should have internet access from the router.

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