Connect digital audio cable on DVD writer?

  flanagan 21:56 01 Apr 2006

I just replaced my CD writer with a DVD writer. So I have a DVD ROM as master and the DVD writer as slave.

When it came to plugging the cables in the back I'm wondering if I need to connect the digital audio cable as well as the analogue. I didn't make a note if it was connected to the old device I removed.

My DVD ROM has just the analogue cable connected and the digital just hanging loose.

Should I just leave the digital wire unplugged on the DVD writer too?
Cd's play fine btw.

  flanagan 12:49 02 Apr 2006


  Stuartli 12:55 02 Apr 2006

The rewriter should be the Master and the DVD-ROM drive the Slave.

In most cases audio cables are unnecessary.

Don't use the rewriter for audio CDs, software installation disks etc, only the ROM drive.

Rewriters should be used purely for their main purpose - burning disks. Their life expectancy is much lower than that of a ROM drive as a glance at manufacturers' figures will reveal.

  flanagan 13:11 02 Apr 2006

Thanks for the tip.
Regarding the jumper settings, I just set the new DVD writer jumper to the same as the old CD writer, which was slave. Should this be okay?

  Stuartli 13:27 02 Apr 2006

I've already stated that the rewriter should be the Master and the ROM drive the Slave...:-)

You may have to move the ROM drive's jumper to Slave.

  flanagan 16:43 02 Apr 2006

I beg to differ.
Rom drive is installed at the top of the pc tower and at the end of the IDE cable. The writer slotted in underneath and takes the 2nd IDE connector half way up the IDE cable. Therefore ROM master and Writer slave.
The setup manual also explains it this way and the original drives were set up this way also.

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