connect cisco 2514 to linksys wrt54g

  mike1974 14:27 08 May 2008

I have a
linksys wrt54g wireless broadband router
Cisco 2514 router
Cisco 2950 switch

My linksys router is connected to my cable broadband modem.
Linksys ip =

My cisco 2514 router E0 is connected to my linksys router
E0 ip is

My My cisco 2514 router E1 is connected to my 2950 switch

Would any one hear be able to helop me get my masks straight for my E1 int and my pc.

I have been struggling for days to do this.i just don't know the answer.
I did have them configured using rip.

My pc is plugged in to my switch.

  brundle 15:03 08 May 2008

Using RIP to route the internet traffic to the Linksys? No need really, you could use a default route instead. quad 0,
Then set the default gateway on the PC to

  brundle 15:03 08 May 2008

Masks you've listed are fine.

  mike1974 15:40 08 May 2008

Can you tell me what my E1 interface should be on this.
Regards Mike.
oh I have removed rip now and set a default route as suggested.

  brundle 17:21 08 May 2008

I take it by E1 you're referring to your next available ethernet port on the router? Or are you referring to the switch?

What is it for, other machines, the switch, are you intending to subnet? The most obvious choice is, from the information you've given so far .

  mike1974 17:31 08 May 2008

Yes I am refering to the interface which connects to my switch.

So if I have


  mike1974 17:34 08 May 2008

Yes If I have linksys at
router int E0
router int E1 ?? (This connects to my switch)
I can not have ip address because it would overlap with int E0
Regards Nige.

  brundle 18:28 08 May 2008

Yes, sorry, just realised too, sorry. 2 subnets req, 1-127, 129-254

PC subnet mask

Cisco router incoming from PC

Outgoing Cisco port to Linksys
Cisco default route; Default route


The switch port can use the second subnet;

  brundle 19:19 08 May 2008

Linkysys if the above doesn't work

Firstly thanks for being patient, :)
I have setup the way you specified.


cisco router int E0
E0 connects to linksys

Cisco router int E1
E1 connects to switch

pc connected to switch

I have set on cisco router
ip route

My cisco router can ping all ip addresses we have specified thats from linksys router to pc which is attached to the switch.
But the pc which is attached to the switch can not ping the linksys router.

And the linksys router can not ping the interface which is connected to my switch.
any more ideas :)

I forgot to mention 1 thing The dns entry on my pc attached to the switch is reading not sure if i should of put in the dns given to me by my cable provider.

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