connect 1394 cable to a USB connector

  dripv 03:35 20 Sep 2006

I have an ASUS A8N-E motherboard.

My chassis has a built-in adaptor for video cameras etc. which has an internal cable with "1394" printed on the connector end.

The motherboard user guide warns never to connect a 1394 cable to the USB connectors as doing so will damage the motherboard.

There are no available connectors on the motherboard other than USB connectors.

What do I do?

  ed-0 06:42 20 Sep 2006

You must not try to put the firewire ( 1394 ) cable to any usb connection.

If you want to use the internal connection for firewire, you will need to buy an internal pci firewire card, like click here. This will fit into one of your 3 large PCI slots and you connect the header cable to the internal connection on the card.

Make sure the internal connection ( end of wire ) and the connection on the card match. Some take the 6 pin lead straight to a camera, some are like the header pins on a motherboard. e.g. pins sticking up.

  dripv 07:59 21 Sep 2006

Thanks for the advice. I will do what you suggest.
Can you tell me why this is?
Do some motherboards have firewire connectors?

  ed-0 10:27 21 Sep 2006

" Do some motherboards have firewire connectors? "

Yes, some motherboards do.

" Can you tell me why this is? "

Yours has an abundance of usb2.0 header pins couples with 4 SATA connections, but no firewire. click here, click to enlarge. a motherboard does have some limitations to the amount of peripherals it can take, yours seem to go for the more popular USB 2.0, but why go for a maximum of 10 ports is a bit overkill in my view.

Most firewire connections are for digital camcorders or more expensive external hard drives. Some camcorders were exclusively firewire ( a few years ago, mine is )but they nearly all are now able to use usb2.0, the same with the hard drives, all should work via usb 2.0.

So you could say in some respect that firewire is a bit out of favour with some motherboard manufacturers, remember that they are in a competitive market and produce what the customer want. One of the great exceptions is from Apple that adopt firewire 800 in most of there computers. All though some manufacturers still produce motherboards with 1394.

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