conncet print to laptop, wirelessly

  JE-KM 18:19 23 Oct 2005


I have a laptop that connects to the Internet wirelessly, using an ADSL Wifi modem router (802.11b) but I also want to be able to access my printer wirelessly (it is in another room to both the router and laptop).

If I got this click here would it be ok?

How would it connect? Would it connect directly to my laptop wifi card, or via the router?
Would I have to unconnect the the laptop from the router while the laptop connects to the printer?


  Forum Editor 18:33 23 Oct 2005

is a USB wireless print server, and is the right tool for the job. It connects directly to your printer via a USB cable, and computers on the network send print orders to it via the router.

You configure the print server via Internet Explorer, or whatever web browser you use. There are full instructions enclosed with the server.

  JE-KM 18:42 23 Oct 2005

So if my computer and printer server dpeak directly to each other, will I have to disconnect my wifi connection to the adsl modem in order to free up the computer's wifi card?

  selfbuild 23:07 23 Oct 2005

It won't affect your internet connection at all because you will still have to use your wireless router.

  [email protected] 12:36 24 Oct 2005

I'm guessing that you have a PC connected to your printer and router? In which case you could network your laptop, PC and printer, via the router. Then IF the PC is on, you can use the printer from the laptop. I think that you have to have the PC on which is the disadvantage over buying a print server(but obviously no extra cost). It depends how you want to use it really!

  JE-KM 13:21 24 Oct 2005

No this is not the case.

I simply have an ADSL wifi router in bedroom one (the only place in the house where I have a phone-line next to a powerpoint), a laptop in the living room that talks to the wifi router using a built-in wifi card, and a printer in bedroom 2.

Currently, if I want to print I have to take the laptop into bedroom 2, and plug it in via USB.

What I want to do, is talk to both the wifi ADSL router and printer simultaneously, from the living room.

Now I know that the router works by creating a WAN to the Internet and then a LAN between itself and the laptop. So is there a way to add the print server to the existing LAN, or would I have to discconect from the ADSL router LAN everytime I want to use my laptop wifi card to hook up to the print server?

  retep888 13:45 24 Oct 2005

As long as your wireless router is on all the time, and provided that you've setup the wireless printer server correctly and with the printer connected to it thru' a USB cable, it's ever ready for you to send any file to print via the router without any other pc to be on at all.

Put it this way, treat the wireless printer server as another pc on the LAN,you can talk to it at any time, right? You don't have to disconnect yourself from the ADSL router LAN in order to talk to another pc on the LAN, get the pictuer?

P.S. The PDF instruction for the printer server is very clear, you can download and have a read before you buy.


  ade.h 20:37 24 Oct 2005

Added to my postings for future reference.

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