Confusion .. Cache ..laptops Help..

  QUADDRA 11:58 10 Oct 2005

Have been on the forum last couple of days but still a bit confused…

Limited budget for daughters 13th, B/day present, first pc she wont have to share and it has to be a laptop.

So far these two are in the picture…


Comet £499
AMD Sempron Processor 3000+ Processor speed: 1.8 Ghz
Front side bus: 1.6 Ghz
L2 cache: 256 Kb
Graphics: 128MB shared
What actually are the games limitations, does anyone know?


Currys £499
Would the Intel Celeron M 360 1.4GHz
Front side bus of 400MHz
Cache of 1Mb
64mb shared Graphics
ram of 256MB
be a better all rounder because of the 1mb Cache even though its shared graphics is only half the semprons, and the processor speed is slower at 1.4ghz?
Would the 1mb cache give the celron a better games posibility over the sempron?

Is L2 cache of 256kb realy bad,? Is this the limiting factor when thinking of games options or does the extra sempron processor speed and additional 64mb of shared graphics (total 128mb) make up the difference?

Also when people are talking about games limitation “it wont handle the latest games” does this mean that the sempron would handle any game produced say before 2002?
Or does it mean it would not play the latest Quake / MS Flight simulator but would play Theme Hospital and Catz or an early version of Quake?

Games are not top of the agenda for this laptop but I am sure at some time she will want to do something or Gran will by a game for her new laptop and if it doesn’t work I will get the blame, Help!

As you can see getting more confused…

  wee eddie 12:37 10 Oct 2005

That is not to say that you cannot play games on a Laptop. It's just that Shared graphics is rarely sufficient for any remotely up-to-date game.

There are laptops, with built in Graphics Cards, but they are way outside your budget here.

There are others who will advise you as to what games she could play, on these machines, and the kind of experience she could expect with a more Graphically hungry game.

  DieSse 14:20 10 Oct 2005

Shared graphics RAM can be adjusted up and down - those are not fixed specifications. It may indicate the maximum you can use as shared.

The Sempron is a faster processor - the larger cache on the Celeron tries to make up for that.

In practice, my guess is that overall they would both perform similarly.

If I was choosing - and one of them had a larger hard drive - or wireless - I'd choose that one - otherwise my marginal inclination would be the Celeron, on the expectation that the battery life would be better, and that I regard Acer as a better brand name than P-B.

But at the end of the day, I don't think there's anything significant to choose between them.

If they're from different shops, see who will give you a better deal, or throw in a freebie or two.

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