Confusing Powerline problems

  ChasPNE 11:06 23 Jun 2009


I apologise for the length of the post in advance but in order to get some help I thought it best to give you the whole scenario.

I started with a 2 x BELKIN Powerline Turbo 85 Mbps starter kit. The first adaptor was connected to the first PC which had the router attached to it. I then plugged the 2nd adaptor into my machine and it worked fine. These PC's were in the same room. When both PC's were on at the same time, both users could access the internet. Both these Pc's are running XP ( one Home edition and one Pro )

I then needed to introduce a 3rd adaptor for my laptop as the wireless signal strength was poor or non-existent in certain rooms. I attached the 3rd adaptor and the laptop connected to the internet fine. This PC is running Vista Home.

The problems then started to happen. If I had my PC on ( not the machine with the router ) on it was impossible to connect to the internet using the laptop until I turned mine off. However if the PC with the router + adaptor was on, then the laptop would connect OK.

We have just had the house totally re-wired so I asked the electrician to confirm that all the PC's were on the same circuit and they are. I have since tried ringing Belkin and BT and both have blamed the other.

We have now learnt to live with this until now. I now have a 4th computer that needs to connect to the internet. So we connected up the 4th adaptor and access the internet without an issue, that was until I turned my PC on and again it stopped the 4th computer from accessing the internet.

Another thing to throw into the mix was I decided to swap my adaptor with the adaptor on the router PC and see what happened. This time I could not access the internet.

Any ideas what could be happening?

1) Do the adaptors need to sit in a specific order
2) Is there something on my PC that could be causing all the conflict. It does seem that 3 computers can all work but as soon as I switch mine on the 2 PC's that are connected to the router lose their connections.

I apologise again for the length of this post but hopefully I have given you all the information in order to possibly advice me on what is going on.

Please feel free to ask me any questions if what I have posted does not make sense.

Many thanks in advance.

Kind regards


  mgmcc 11:26 23 Jun 2009

>>> The first adaptor was connected to the first PC which had the router attached to it.

I don't understand that. If the first PC connects directly to the router, it shouldn't also be connecting to a Power Adapter.

There should be a connection from one of the router's LAN ports to a Power Adapter. Any additional computers should then be able to access the local network and internet via their own Power Adapter.

  ChasPNE 11:35 23 Jun 2009

Maybe I haven't explained it correctly.

I am not at home at the moment but as far as I am aware I am connecting the adaptor to the router using an RJ45 cable and the router is connected to the PC which is creating a LAN

If I was connecting the adaptor to the back of the PC, I presume I wouldn't get the signal being sent out from the router as adaptor is not talking to the router.

So believe I am doing what you say I should be doing.

  mgmcc 07:58 24 Jun 2009

Check what IP addresses each computer has when all are running. They should probably all have either 192.168.x.x or 10.x.x.x addresses and each must have a unique address. If the power adapters also have IP addresses, what are these?

"Internet Connection Sharing" *SHOULD NOT* be set up on any network connection in any of the computers.

  ChasPNE 17:30 24 Jun 2009

All the computers have their own IP Address. All starting 192.168.x.x.

I have a BELKIN utility which I can use to scan what adaptors it can find. It finds 3 ( which is correct as I have one unplugged at the moment ). They do not have IP Addresses but they do all have unique MAC addresses.

I am unable to check that the PC that has the router has Internet Connection Sharing OFF as I am unable to open that setting as it does have the necessary icon in the Network Connections panel to let me see if it is enabled or disabled. I have checked my PC and it is switched off.

  mgmcc 21:30 24 Jun 2009

If the "Local Area Connection" with which you connect to the Router isn't shown in the Network Connections folder, then that would suggest that the network adapter isn't installed properly.

Is the Network Adapter listed properly in Device Manager, without a yellow Question or Exclamation mark indicating a problem?

  ChasPNE 10:38 25 Jun 2009

Sorry again I think my reply may have been lost in translation.

I can see the icon for the LAN. It is just when I drill down into the properties of that connection that I am unable to find anywhere that will let me see if Internet Connection Sharing is OFF or ON?

  mgmcc 11:46 25 Jun 2009

>>> I am unable to find anywhere that will let me
>>> see if Internet Connection Sharing is OFF or ON?

Right click the network adapter, select Properties and then the "Advanced" tab (the "Sharing" tab in Vista). Internet Connection Sharing is enabled by ticking the box "Allow other network users to connect through this computer's internet connection".

  ChasPNE 11:53 25 Jun 2009

I know the panel you are talking about.

On my machine though it is being displayed correctly but on the router PC there is no "Internet Connection Sharing" panel being displayed which mean I can't tick or untick anything?

I am using XP on both machines so I was expecting to see this panel in the same place on both PC's but this is not the case :o(

  mgmcc 13:02 25 Jun 2009

The option to enable "Internet Connection Sharing" is only available if there is actually a free network adapter (other than the one used to connect to the internet) with which to connect to a second computer.

  ChasPNE 13:48 25 Jun 2009

Ah so there may not be a free network adaptor on the router PC.

So will the setting we have been talking about be irrelevant in this case?

Is there anything else you can thing off that I may need to check?

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