Confused by so many formats!

  wotbus@ 09:58 01 Feb 2005

I can produce a photo slideshow [vcd] with music which I can watch on my lounge DVD but not on the DVD of my mother in law [and I have to keep her happy ;-)]. Her DVD machine manual states it will read "MP3/WMA" files. Sister in law has already produced a photo slideshow [without music and not continuous] and this CD appears to open in folders, much like Windows, and they have to be selected and opened manually from the remote control - which is what I want to avoid - I would rather she [M in L] just drops it in and sits back to watch. Any advice welcome [DVD situation, not how to keep M in L happy].

  stlucia 13:31 01 Feb 2005

If I understand you correctly, a video CD produced on your PC won't run on MIL's DVD player, but one produced by SIL will. Is that right?

There are two possibilities, I believe: One is that MIL's DVD player is fussy about what brand or type of CD you use, or even what machine has been used to burn it. CD-RW are more likely to be unreadable than CD-R in a domestic player, and unbranded disks could be a problem too.

The other is, how your software compiles the slideshow. What software have you and SIL used to create your VCDs?

  wotbus@ 14:00 01 Feb 2005

OK, here we go. I prepared a show using Pinnacle Studio8 onto CD-RW which plays OK on ours and a neighbours DVD player. I made a copy of the "master" onto a CD-R, which plays on my machine but not MiL. [I have just realised the copy was produced on my CD-RW tray and not the DVD-RW tray, would that make a difference? I did it this way because thats the tray that opened when the PC said "put a blank medium in" etc]. Meanwhile, SiL has prepared a CD which works OK on MiL's but is too labour intensive for the oldies, in that folders have to be selected, then opened, then the contents selected - with 3/4 more operations before you get to see anything [plain slideshow with no music or transitions]. This is what I hoped to avoid but after further research I have found that MiL's DVD machine does not support vcd or svcd but it will support .WMA [whatever that is]. I am still awaiting the info on which software SiL produced her CD on but I had hoped to produce more of a "movie" if you understand.

  Bapou 16:17 01 Feb 2005

Try the show in Pinnacle again, this time in settings choose "DVD Compatible". Check your MIL's DVD Player for DVD compatibility ( + or -). Insert DVDR/RW disc into your DVDRW tray and click on Pinnacles "Create Disc". Rendering will commence and ends by writing to the DVD disc.

Not all DVD Players support VCD format and WMA is only Windows Media Audio, not video.

A good place to check out MIL's DVD Plaayer for format support click here. Type make of player in Search to see results.

  wotbus@ 19:25 01 Feb 2005

I must be really dim as I have just been reading the Help file of my Nero and only just realised you can buy blank DVD R's/RW's. Looks like its all there but as usual with this hightech world it's not what you know but where to look to get the answer!!
Thank you very much for your help [she groaned again this evening, how beautiful "her" show was on my DVD machine and how she wishes it was on hers...;-) LOL]". Reckon we are on the way to getting it sussed - thanks again to this forum.

  stlucia 08:39 02 Feb 2005

Bapou's dead right. But your problem may be simply that you used a CD-RW and your MIL's player can't read it. Whether you're using CDs or DVDs, it's best to stick to the "R" versions, not the "RW" ones, if you want them to work reliably on domestic players.

  wotbus@ 08:48 02 Feb 2005

Thanks for that stlucia. I usually use a RW in the first instance just to make sure the burn is ok, then when satisfied do it finally to an R. Having read about the different construction of a DVD disc and how it's read by the lazer I can understand the problems making the right choice. Then throw in the spanner "some are better than others" and the whole thing gets a little bit hit and/or miss ;-). I will buy some blank DVD's [R AND RW] and try again this weekend. Cheers.

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