Confused over windows IE7 Updates??

  Simsy 19:35 01 Mar 2007


My sister has just bougth a new PC and I'm trying to get it set up.
It has Windows XP home.

I've connected it to the internet to do all the updates, (with AV and firewall installed), and all has gone well with one exception...

There is one uppdate that refuses to install... it is described as;
"Culmative Security Update for Internet Explorer 6 for windows XP (KB928090)"

Now what I'm confused over is the reference to IE6? I though it would have upgraded to IE7 automatically... That's what both mine and my dad's PCs did.

Is the upgrade to IE7 no longer "automatic"?

When I investigate further on the MS site it seems that there is a sucurity update referring to this KB number for both IE6 and IE7, so I deduce that this isn't the uupgrade that actually installs IE7.

What do you think I should I do... I'm thinking I should download/install IE7 manually, and then run the security update for IE7 manually.

Comments/Observations welcomed.



  skidzy 19:46 01 Mar 2007

What do you think I should I do... I'm thinking I should download/install IE7 manually, and then run the security update for IE7 manually.

Thats the route i would take Simsy.
Just to verify,it is IE6 installed and not IE7 ?

  birdface 19:46 01 Mar 2007

I have set mine to install manually.Then you just get the the up-dates that you need,a fortnight ago they downloaded 2or 3 updates that stopped a lot of computers working,

  Simsy 19:58 01 Mar 2007

it is ie6 currently installed.

I do do the updates manually... when I said "automatically" I was referring to the fact that when I asked it manually to check for updates, in my previous experience ie7 was one of the updates provided, "automatically".

Lets see what happens!



  Simsy 20:07 01 Mar 2007

IE7 wont install!

The failed installation has put a troubleshooting link on the desktop that I've worked through... to no avail so far!

Bah humbug.

I'll keep at it, but in the meantime if anyone else has come across this and is aware of any obscure issues that might explain it I'd welcome them!



  VoG II 20:09 01 Mar 2007

Not obscure at all but a possibility click here

  Simsy 20:26 01 Mar 2007

but that's not the situation it seems... The key values referred to don't exist.




  Simsy 20:28 01 Mar 2007

do a system restore to before I did ANYTHING on this PC, and select the updates to install manually.
That way I can choose the order and see if it works, to eliminate it being somethign I've done!

Watch this space!



  Simsy 16:44 02 Mar 2007

some progress, but I had to go back first.
I've been able to install IE7 after a restore to a very early time...

I t was a bit messy becasue the earliest point I had was after I'd started doing things, and I had, it seems, uninstalled Mcaffe... but not enough for it to think it was still installed. Usign safe mode I've got it working, but I'm having trouble completely uninstalling Mcaffee.

(I've a feeling I've seen someone on here provide a link to a Mcaffee uninstaller but I can't find it... anyone know?)

Anyway... now to progress with setting up evrything again... including updates.

Thanks for your interest.



  VoG II 16:58 02 Mar 2007
  Simsy 17:20 02 Mar 2007

I knew I'd seen it somewhere.

I don't know what I do wrong when searching. I couldn't find that either searching this site, or using google!

Black art I think!



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