Confused Over SP3 Download

  griffon56 17:55 15 May 2008

Can anyone please help?

In trying to download XP SP3 I went to MS' site, on which there was a very large SP3 file but also a capital letter warning lower down the page, saying that this download was only suitable for IT professionals and system developers applying SP3 to more than one machine.

For people with only one machine to update a variety of links were provided none of which led positively to what could be called SP3. There was a fairly large, 90-odd MB Overview file but nothing which actually said WinXP SP3. It was all most confusing.

I take it from other posts I have seen that you are all downloading the huge System Developer file. Is this so and is it OK?

I've also seen many questions as to whether SP3 contains SP's 1&2. According to MS, it does and can be loaded on a bare original system.

Could some real expert (and you know who you most respectedly are) go to MS' site and look at what I have looked at. Either I'm dreaming or you won't find a single-user copy of SP3 anywhere even tho' you are warned not to take the alternative large file. If this is the case it's either par for MS' course or somebody has made an omission.

Regards, Rog

  brundle 19:28 15 May 2008

XP SP3 standalone download; click here

That is the one you want if you haven't been advised of it by Automatic Updates.

  Graham. 19:30 15 May 2008

Get your SP3 click here. It won't bite.

  griffon56 22:10 15 May 2008

Hi Brundle, Your link goes to the file which is not recommended for single computers. The MS advice in the download page says so. So thanks all the same.

Hi Graham, Ditto. I am looking for the file which MS says is there but which can't be found. I'm trying to establish that MS has been inefficient. You'd think that when a huge corporation like MS issues an important update, it would be child's play to find the file to which they refer. I can't find it and all references I've so far seen lead to the one which is not recommended for single computers.

I know that it may not be important to experienced computer users, but it is to a large majority of us who aren't highly skilled. It reduces MS issue of SP3 to the sort of level that one of us might have done in our ignorance, or have they deliberately made it difficult? Hm.

  birdface 22:20 15 May 2008

If you were supposed to get it,it would be on Microsoft updates.So maybe better just leaving it out at the moment.

  cocteau48 22:22 15 May 2008

"or have they deliberately made it difficult?"

click here

I have since discovered that although the MS update site will download express and custom updates,once downloaded,nothing will install.
Whether this is down to SP3 or the new AVG 8.00,which has also been a bone of contention for many recently, I do not know.
May in fact be a blessing in disguise as I am sure that downloading and installing manually (which does work) is actually faster than using the auto update facility.

  wis 22:25 15 May 2008

not sure where your comming from, i have 2 pcs
1 already got xp3,other not yet,just ran updates
on one without it came straight up xp3, do you
want to install

  brundle 22:44 15 May 2008

I generally have to update more than one computer, must say I've never noticed the exhortation in bold. It's the same product at the end of the day.

  Graham. 23:01 15 May 2008

If you want SP3, download and install from my link. If you don't, go away.

  Totally-braindead 23:07 15 May 2008

IF I had seen the problems some people have been having with SP3 then I would not have installed it in the first place, I would have waited for the problems to be addressed and then installed it.
As it stands I did download it through windows updates and it installed fine. But it didn't work so well for some others.
Its up to you, I now have it installed but if I was in your position, knowing about the problems some people have been having I would wait.

  Bapou 23:16 15 May 2008

I'm by no means an expert although I would suggest downloading the single file from brundle's link irrespective of Microsoft
advising not to if you only have one computer.

I did, not just because of having two computers, there was the possibility of my AVG and Zone Alarm causing conflict during install. They needed to be closed down which meant disconnecting from the internet.

As a result the install completed without any hassle, about 12 minutes on the 2 year machine and 40 minutes on the 6 year old.

For the record, I only have a 512kbit broadband connection, download took 90 minutes.

I believe MS claim a possible 10% increase in speed of computer after install. That I have yet to see, otherwise no problems.

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