Confused.... back ups...

  ynohtna 07:32 25 Oct 2006

Ok, still learning!! Have been using the search function a lot am am getting loads of info!!
I've decided to back-up all the files on my laptop, particularly my Itunes (in excess of 8000 songs). I intend on buying an external HDD (around 300gb) and putting everything on that. Do i need to buy any other software disc or do they come with...? I've been reading about acronis / ghost etc... so once ive copied all my stuff to the external hdd and the hdd on my laptop dies what do i do with it all.... surely the laptop will need a new hard drive so will effectivly be a new computer (?), will i have problems restoring all my files due to the operating systems (dont really know what im talking about, just gathering information from other posts..). also, if i was to pop all my stuff onto a mates pc so i can copy all his music to my itunes, would that be a problem... can i also swap all the data in my lappy to my home pc without any dramas...
Sorry if its a stupid question... Like i said i've been using the search function on this site but a lot of the info is conflicting and ive managed to confuse myself! ta!

  ynohtna 07:40 25 Oct 2006

Oh, also my Ipod is 80gb and my laptop only 60gb. could i put my itunes on the external HDD only instead of itunes using up all the space on my laptop and still use it in the same way..?

  Diemmess 09:35 25 Oct 2006

Part of your confusion is between Data (Tunes) and a Working System (Windows etc.) on any computer.

Have you stopped to think how long it would take you to listen to even 100 gigs of music? Never mind, its your priviledge, and it is the best way to keep these which is worrying you!

Transfer any or all of the tunes from your laptop onto an external HD, or why not CDRs?

This will reduce what is left but include the vital operating system easier to clone. i.e. an "image" which must be stored elsewhere against the day when your laptop wont boot.
The day may never come but you will already have your music library stored safely elsewhere

  TonyM 10:13 25 Oct 2006

To save space - Once Itunes has copied music over to your Ipod, you can delete it from your Laptop. As long as you don't remove it from your Itunes library it will not be removed from the Ipod when you sync.

(obviously you won't be able to play those tracks on the laptop though)

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