Confused about Windows XP/Microsoft office

  Deniset 16:04 19 May 2007


This may seem really dim to you all, but if I bought a new desktop loaded with Windows XP, will I then need to buy some version of microsoft office? If so I am not too bothered about the latest "model", so could do with advice on where to purchase at a reasonable price

  [email protected] 16:12 19 May 2007

i bought a compaq that had works bundled with it as many do, so you just need to check the specs of the pc you buy. most pc's bought in the high street come bundled with software so have a look, or buy a system and add your own.
click here
or you could use open office
click here
which is free.

  [email protected] 16:26 19 May 2007

as per adman2 s 2 nd link
I would download open office first port of call and have a play around with it

ive got it on both desktop and laptop
very good

  wee eddie 16:43 19 May 2007

as to the nature of your problem.

Are you asking about buying a PC or which Word Processor you might decide to use.

Windows is an OS (Operating System), Vista is the latest version and XP the last, which is still available, but only just. You can use almost any software you like with it but it comes with a basic (very) Word processor.

If you want an Office Suite (Word processor, Spreadsheet, Database) you can use whichever you want. There are many, some are even free.

  Deniset 17:07 19 May 2007

Wee Eddie
I am buying a pc and the man who is building it is putting on Windows XP (which I want as I do a lot on excel) and so just had this horrible thought I might need as an extra more software - hope this is clear.

Adman and Raven - thanks will look at this

  Deniset 17:08 19 May 2007

Guess you arent watching the football then!!!!

  [email protected] 17:32 19 May 2007


  [email protected] 17:35 19 May 2007

in that case i would give open office a look, just download it from my link, you will find lots of links to good free and safe software on here.
click here
for one!

  Deniset 17:58 19 May 2007

many thanks for all this useful information, will be using it when I get my new Pc

  wee eddie 19:32 19 May 2007

I am even more confused!

Windows XP has nothing to do with Excel, however Office XP, or even Office 2007 do contain Excel.

This could be very important as there will be a lot of money involved here. Tell us more as you seem a little confused.

Microsoft Office is a very expensive piece of software. If you are working with others you will need to know what version that they are using.

Tell us more:

New PC, made by the lad round the corner, running Windows XP. Make sure that you get the CD in its special box with the Registration Number on it.

Microsoft Office: What version? Again, make sure that you get the CD in its special box with the Registration Number on it.

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