confused about memory

  Ray5776 21:55 15 Feb 2006

Hello all,
I have a MSI(Microstar mobo) and would like to instal more memory, it has 3 mem slots, one empty, two with 256 in each total 512.
I have run "SIW" which says I have 4 slots and the max capacity of the mobo is 512 and the max module size is 128.
If I go to "Crucial" and enter the same mobo ref they come up with 512 or 1g as a suitable upgrade.
I have also tried "Everest" which recognises the fact that I only have 3 slots using 512 but gives no indication as to the max suitable for the mobo.
Can anyone help please, I don`t want to buy extra mem if motherboard won`t support it.

  Totally-braindead 21:59 15 Feb 2006

What motherboard do Everest SIW and Crucial say it is? Have you tried the Crucial scan my computer program to confirm what it is?

  citadel 22:02 15 Feb 2006

you can download your motherboard manual that has all info and is useful to keep.

  Ray5776 22:07 15 Feb 2006

How do I do either of these.

  Totally-braindead 22:12 15 Feb 2006

Don't understand what you mean Ray5776, How do I know either of these? Either of what? Please explain, you should know what make and model of motherboard you have because you say you have tried Everest and SIW what did they say you have?

  Ray5776 22:15 15 Feb 2006

Thanks for your help, I have found the original manual and it supports up to 3G, it was the "SIW"
prog that was causing the doubht.


  Ray5776 22:23 15 Feb 2006

I meant I don`t know how to run the Crucial scan as you suggested and I don`t know how to download the motherboard manual as citadel suggested of course I know the make and model of the mobo, looks like as missunderstanding:).


  ed-0 22:26 15 Feb 2006

If you would like to post the make and model of the motherboard here. Then one of the helpers could find the details for you.

You do not mention what operating system you are using. Some have a problem using more thatn 512Mb of ram. Luckily XP does not.

  Ray5776 22:31 15 Feb 2006

Thanks ed-0,
Now I have found the original manual should be no problem upgrading.


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