Confused about DVDRecorder/Sky

  MikeyM95 10:21 06 Mar 2008

Hi All,

I was advised by a salesperson that when i bought my Toshiba DVD Recorder that when hooked up i would be able to record from Sky whilst watching another channel.
For the life in me i can't get this working, although i can record straight to AV2 and it records whichever channel i'm watching.
I'd like to be able to record on another channel or maybe go out and it record 2 or 3 different channels for me (there is a programmer which claims to do this).
Am i missing something?

  MikeyM95 10:27 06 Mar 2008

oh, it's a TOSHIBA DR17DTKTB and has digital capability and freeview (so it says)

  MAJ 10:49 06 Mar 2008

Generally speaking, you can only record one Sky channel (or channels broadcast by Sky) at a time and that channel is the one you are watching. You can record a Sky channel and watch another analogue channel (through your roof aerial) if you wish, though.

  MikeyM95 10:59 06 Mar 2008

damn. i hoped this wasn't the case. the guy in Comet definitely didn't mention this.

So i plug in my terrestrial arial into the dvd recorder, let it pickup the terrestrial channels/freeview etc..

hmm, i'll try this tonight.


  johnnyrocker 11:20 06 Mar 2008

you need a sky box with a hard drive in order to ba able to do what you want


  anchor 13:04 06 Mar 2008

I am not familiar with your Toshiba model, but I suggest this could work when you want to record a Sky programme.

Connect your Sky digibox to the Toshiba "a/v-in" via the scart. When you wish to record, select the Sky channel, and ensure the Toshiba is set to record from the a/v-in socket.

You would watch another terrestrial channel using your TV. It appears to me, this is the only way.

This model does not have a timer, so perhaps there is another gadget would allow you to make recordings when away from home. I don`t know of one though.

  MikeyM95 13:27 06 Mar 2008

hopefully, if i let the box auto-tune into the terrestrial it will pick up all the freeview channels.

I can then use the programmer to set times/dates to record etc.. (but only freeview channels)

If i want to record Sky i'll just stick with the AV method.

makes sense (sort of)

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