jesta 21:58 16 Jul 2004

hi,i hav two things that i am confused about. this may sound silly but i wanted to know if a virus can actually ruin your motherboard or processor and also if i have a virus on my pc is it possible to use system restore to get rid of it? thanks for your help

  stalion 22:03 16 Jul 2004

viruses only effect your software also you can not use system restore to get rid of viruses, because they can also reside in your system restore files.If you have a virus on your pc you need to run a virus scanner that can find and delete the virus

  jesta 22:07 16 Jul 2004

thanks 4 helping but the problem is that everytime i run my avast anti virus it freezes at a certain point so does this mean i will jhav 2 reformat it?btw is it possible getting viruses from movie files such as avi nd mpeg?

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 22:22 16 Jul 2004

Viri can be transported by lots of different file types use this to find what might be on your system that avast is struggling with.
Trend Online Check click here

Some more free viri checkers
Anti Virus :-
avast4 click here
Antivir click here
AVG antivirus click here
Individual virus removers:_
Stinger click here
Microworld click here

  Dorsai 22:29 16 Jul 2004

But It is possibel to wreck a PC MOBO with a virus.

If the virus (deliberatly) tries to flash the BIOS. Most BIOS's on PC motherboards are designed to be (flashed)/(updated). So if the virus uses this option to 'update' the BIOS with Junk, the BIOS stops working, as it is full of junk.

Any old junk will do.

As for how likely it is to happen....??

And if the BIOS on the MOBO is junked, you wont even get to the point of having to worry about using system restore, as the PC wont fire up.

  woodchip 22:29 16 Jul 2004

A Virus can corrupt the BIOS, necessitating a BIOS flash they can stop a Hard Drive Working

  jesta 22:35 16 Jul 2004

thanks 4 help here.jus 1 last question:
does any1 know if my pc actually have a virus,it has these sympotons,pc kind of freezes(meaning progrmas does not respond but the mouse arrow still moves not able to shut down except by press the shut down butoon.thanks 4 helping

  woodchip 22:38 16 Jul 2004

What and if any AV are you running and do you keep it up to date i.e. Update it each time you connect to the net???

  stalion 22:40 16 Jul 2004

you learn something every day thanks all

  jesta 22:40 16 Jul 2004

i update my anti virus everytime it informs me a new patch is availiable

  woodchip 22:44 16 Jul 2004

I just posted to thread and it's gone. So hear it is again. Do a Online Scan from click here

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