Conflict w/ SLI upgrade and Dell's nvidia drivers

  Redcell 18:02 01 Mar 2008

Greetings all!

I've stumbled across a rather strange issue while attempting to upgrade my Dell XPS 710 with a second (XFX) GeForce 8600 GTS card yesterday.

I am running XP Media Center Edition 2005

After installing the second card, I updated to the latest nvidia drivers (162.32). The system recognized the second card and I got a message telling me that the system was SLI ready and I put the setting in the nvidia control panel to enable it.

All seemed to be fine until I attempted to watch TV via Media Center. I could pull up the TV listings but when I went to actually watch something, I got a BSOD with a stop code of 0x0000008E and the offending file was nv4_disp.dll. For the record, I have an ATI Theater 650 Pro Series tv capture card.

Called XFX support and they directed me to use Driver Cleaner Pro to remove both ATI and nvidia drivers and to use the nvidia 169.21 drivers. Net result = Same problem.

Called Dell and they said to use their "tweaked" version of the nvidia drivers off their site. Removed the old drivers and put those in and was able to watch TV but those drivers wouldn't install the second card (got only as far as having the system say it was a VGA compatible card in device manager).

Removed those and installed 163.75. Both cards recognized but the system still crashes when I try to watch TV.

I'm not sure if the problem is with nvidia or the ATI card/drivers. I tried updating the ATI drivers but as soon as I do that I get a message in MC telling me that no tuner is installed. So I remove it via device manager and let it reinstall itself and I get by that message only to hit the BSOD when I go to watch something.

I'm really stumped on this one. Any guidance would be greatly appreciated. I'm a bit new to posting to a board so if I've left any information out that would be helpful to our discussion, do let me know.


  Redcell 08:38 02 Mar 2008

Shameless bump to the top.


  john bunyan 08:55 02 Mar 2008

Do you enable updates on XP? I "lost" my TV tuner in MCE after a clean reinstall. Took ages to "find" it.Had to go to microsoft update and install optional MCE updates to install new "Framework files" - not sure what they are but it worked. Just look at the options for your set up on the update site - the auto update only covers normal XP, not MCE. I have NVidia 7800GTX with Happauage.

  Redcell 15:20 02 Mar 2008

Hi John - I'll give that a go. I did get the tuner back when I let the system go through its "found new hardware routine" but I haven't gone through a manual update to the OS in quite a while. I usually let it manage itself.

Thanks, again.


  Stuartli 15:34 02 Mar 2008

Is the ATi TV tuner Enabled as the Default device for its role?

Same for the GeForce graphics cards.

  Stuartli 15:37 02 Mar 2008

You would appear to have a conflict of drivers if you are also using ATi (graphics?) drivers for a TV tuner.

  Redcell 19:06 02 Mar 2008

Thanks John and Stuartli for your input.

Here's what I had to do to get this to work. Although it feels a bit like a duct-tape and wire solution, I wound up "forcing" the Dell-tweaked driver on the second graphics card by going through the "I'll select which driver to choose" via the device manager setup.

Originally, I had steered clear of this due to the warnings that Windows throws at you but was at the point where I had few other options readily available. So onward I went.

But alas, once all seemed to be set on the drivers for the card, I fired up the Media Center, popped open the TV tuner and selected a channel all the while holding my breath for the BSOD. What I got was Lawrence of Arabia in all it's glory!

So, John, I still need to check for updates to MCE but I appreciate the reminder that I need to do that.

Stuartli - The tuner was installed by Dell at the factory and was in great working order before I started messing with a second graphics card this past Friday. The ATi card is a Theater 650 Pro Combo thingamajig that is a dedicated tuner-type card and not technically a graphics card but that's way above my head how all that works. I just know it's supposed to.

Again, thanks for your input.


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