Confirmation on the PCA site

  woodchip 12:10 15 Apr 2005

Does the site try to load twice on your computer? I have two desktops and a Laptop, This as happened on Dial-Up and now on BB using a combination of Win98se and XP operating systems but using Netscape 7.1 on all of them. It cock's, scrolling the Page up and down, until it settles down. I have had this for some time

  Yoda Knight 12:13 15 Apr 2005

Only loads once for me

  Technotiger 12:14 15 Apr 2005

Hi, not on mine, all is normal here.


  alB 12:14 15 Apr 2005

OK on mine, using internet explorer 6.0 ...alB

  VoG II 12:15 15 Apr 2005

Only loads once here (Firefox or IE). In Firefox it sometimes takes a very short time to display the page correctly - not very often.

  SANTOS7 12:17 15 Apr 2005

Mine does simliar (XP SP2 FIREFOX)done it for as long as i can remember the progress bar gets nearly to the end then reverts back loading the page twice,
don't have to do anything it just settles into the page,its just like its stuttering for an instant.

  Indigo 1 13:01 15 Apr 2005

Mine loads twice too, once I click on the Login button, it appears to load then stops and re-loads the homepage but I am then logged in. I use IE6 and Firefox and it happens with both.

I live in Kent and assumed it was something to do with the exchange.

  easyrider 13:03 15 Apr 2005

Same thing here woodchip

  CurlyWhirly 17:06 15 Apr 2005

Ok here!

  exprog 17:09 15 Apr 2005

same as Indigo 1. I also live in Kent...

  woodchip 18:35 15 Apr 2005

Thank's That help's as I thought three computer could not all be the same I was thinking it was Netscape that was the link, but appears not after looking at the above

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