Configuring PC and Laptop to share files and print

  M Healy 16:06 14 Mar 2004

I have a broadband connection through a cable modem and have recently bought a Linksys router to connect both PC and Laptop to broadband using a Ethernet cable. This is working fine but could someone tell me (in idiot proof language and words of one sylable) how to go about setting up the PC, Laptop and router so that I can share files and printers? In other words, a network! I seem to be alright on some computing subjects but networks terrify me! I can't seem to get my head around how the PC, Laptop and router interact together so any help on the subject would be very much appreciated.

  LastChip 16:59 14 Mar 2004


  M Healy 17:18 14 Mar 2004

Sorry for not saying...
Both the PC and Laptop are Windows XP Home

  hellred 17:46 14 Mar 2004

Go to the PC that has the Printer installed. Select the printer via START/PRINERS and right click the printer you want to share set to share.
you are done on that mashine.

Go to the next one and add new printer, make sure you select a network printer the browse to the workgroup and the printer and insatll it, that it you are done. Last sent a page to the printer to test it.

  LastChip 17:54 14 Mar 2004

Have you tried the Network Wizard in XP?

click here for a tutorial complete with pictures ;-)

  M Healy 17:01 17 Mar 2004

I have gone through the Network wizard for both the PC and the laptop and have just tried the add new printer advice that hellred posted but no list of printers came up when I browsed the network. All that came up was 'Microsoft Windows Network' which was not a valid printer name. I have made sure that each printer attached to the PC has the share printer option enabled. As well as this I still seem to be having a problem understanding how the Laptop connects to the PC on the network and through the router. Are there not some IP addresses that need to be inputted at some point?


  mgmcc 19:52 17 Mar 2004

<< I still seem to be having a problem understanding how the Laptop connects to the PC on the network and through the router. Are there not some IP addresses that need to be inputted at some point? >>

The router's DHCP server should be allocating all of the IP, DNS, Gateway, Subnet etc. addresses to the PCs automatically.

The first thing you need to do is to get the PCs to see each other over the network. Make sure that you have at least one folder set as "shared" in each PC. For example, take the Shared Documents folder, right click it and select the "Sharing and security" option. In the Sharing tab of the dialog box, tick "Share this folder on the network", give it a Share Name and tick also the box for "Allow network users to change my files". Do this in both computers.

In "My Network Places" each PC should see an icon for BOTH PCs and double clicking an icon should display any shared folders or printers.

As far as printers are concerned, I would recommend that you connect the printer to the PC that will NOT normally host it and install it. This ensures that the 'client' PC already has the software and drivers when it is installed as a network printer. Once the network is working and the 'client' PC can see the printer on the 'host' PC, double clicking the printer icon on the remote PC will automatically install it as a network printer.

  hellred 20:25 17 Jul 2004

The reason you might only see "Microsft Network" and none of the drives or the printers could be that the PCs are not on the same Workgroup or there is a spelling error in the settings on one of them, if they are not on the same workgroup all you will see is the MS Network and none of the PCs, in other words you can see the PC you are working on but not the other. A workgroup name can be anything you want usually call it "Home" etc. All other settings should be to automaticaly detect settings, also RE-BOOT both maschines ( every time you change settings ) once you have made changes and dont be impatient they take a minute or two to see one another.

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