Configure OE for spam

  KAI 14:35 27 Feb 2006

Hi to all forum Members, Could anybody explain how to configure Outlook Express to stop spam attaempting to get onto my computer, I have a couple of email address and am a member of several Genealogy sties and have all them set up to go to the respective files within OE, the Emails I'm getting I've never opened and delete emediately, I dont have preview Pane engaged so they never open but every few days I get about 2 to 4 of them. I've copyied an example and I'm not quite sure how to set it up so they are deleted at the server end if thats the right term to use.They all have instead of my perosonal address this at the beginning or similar but with my ISP's name at the end [email protected] want to nip it in the bud before it gets worse.

  Gongoozler 14:51 27 Feb 2006

I don't think you can configure OE to block spam, you probably need a third party spam filter. This is what Microsoft say about spam prevention:
click here. It may be a coincidence, but since using Mozilla Thunderbird instead of OE, I've had very little spam arrive on my computer click here

  johnnyrocker 14:52 27 Feb 2006

click here
and take your pick, i personally use mailwasher


  johndrew 14:56 27 Feb 2006

I suggest you use Tools>Message Rules>Mail in OE and the address being used to send the messages to you. You could also use any words in the subject to identify and reject them. If you are certain that no messages containing the `[email protected]` identifier are of any interest then you can set them to be deleted on receipt.

  KAI 15:51 27 Feb 2006

Hi thanks for the quick reply, I thought that I could set OE so if the Email address to me did not contain my personal name at the beging I.e. [email protected] it would not be downloaded to my computer.

Thanks again anyway

  Gongoozler 15:55 27 Feb 2006

Have a look in Tools - Message rules. You probably won't be able to block the message from being downloaded, but you can instruct OE to delete it.

  Stuartli 16:06 27 Feb 2006

Why not go even better and install Mozilla's Thunderbird?

It features a Junk filter which you can "train" to recognise unwanted e-mails and instantly place them in a Junk folder.

All your OE settings are easily exported to Thunderbird either on installing or afterwards.

Just ensure that Outlook Express remains your Default e-mail program until you are ready to export the files.

You can find a review of Thunderbird at the Via support website:

click here

While you are at it, if you do decide to swap, you could well consider also switching to Firefox 1.5 from IE...:-)

You can export all your bookmarks etc into Firefox and forget about all those security updates from MS, although it is advisable to retain IE as a small number of websites' downloads need to be done through it.

  KAI 16:19 27 Feb 2006

Hi, I've tried Mozilla and did not like it, I've been, when getting the Spam, putting a block on them each but after a day or so I get a fresh batch with different name in front.
I've just been in contact with my IP to see if they have any suggestions.

thanks for advice anyway


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