config.sys and msdos real mode

  antonioxxx 15:40 03 Jun 2003

Hi Guys.
I need to install an old dos programme in Win98 (prog will not run in windows or a dos window)and I need to install ansi.sys in the config.sys. I can do this in Windows, but the programme needs it to be in dos, but not sure where to go. I have edited config.sys file after I restarted in dos, but it didn't make any difference. I can partially run the prog in dos but ansi.sys ia a screen driver which has to be loaded.
Any help would be greatly appreciated.

  pj123 18:06 03 Jun 2003

ansi.sys that is old!!

I think you would probably need to get hold of MS Dos 6.2 on floppy disks and copy them in to a DOS folder on your hard disk and then point the programme you are using to use MS Dos

  Diemmess 18:19 03 Jun 2003

Ansi.sys is in C:\Windows\Command
That said it is a long time since I ran anything but a simple program in Dos...... If you alter the config.sys file you will slow things up on booting for all your normal Win98 stuff.

Also there may be trouble when you have to choose between booting to the DOS command or running a DOS command from Windows...... So what, that's part of the fun with a computer....isn't it?

  Diemmess 18:24 03 Jun 2003

Further to my last...!
I seem to remember having a multi-boot choice when running Windows 3.1.1 and using a built-in Memory manager to arrange extended memory.... Oh my, it worked for a time until I tried Win95.

If it is a game you want then try but don't count on it..... If it is something less demanding then you have a chance. Good luck anyway.

  keith-236785 18:31 03 Jun 2003

make yourself a windows 98 start-up disk

"start/settings/control panel/add-remove programs, then the start-up disk tab at the top, then create start-up disk"

once made restart your computer with the floppy startup disk in the drive, when you get the menu choose command prompt only ( it think its shift+F5 it says it at the bottom of the screen) this will take you to the dos prompt without windows, how you progress from there i cant tell without actually having the program. but i would expect you to have to point to the program on your c: drive, i dont know about the config.sys file. you may have to play about with the start-up disk config.sys to get it to work.....

good luck

  keith-236785 18:34 03 Jun 2003

posted that answer then just thought from windows 98 choose "shutdown to msdos" or whatever it says (its the bottom one in your shutdown choices)

see if that works

  antonioxxx 20:53 03 Jun 2003

Thanks guys for all the answers but no luck I'm afraid. The dos program concerned is an accounts package which I have reinstalled using back up and restore off another computer as I have not got the original installation disk. This program needs ansi.sys so as to unscramble the letters and numbers so as you can read them.
My memory is a bit vauge but I seem to remember altering the config.sys file in dos mode without affecting the config.sys file in windows.

  keith-236785 08:36 04 Jun 2003

i have dos6.22 on floppy disks if you need it and are willing to pay postage

  antonioxxx 12:00 04 Jun 2003

Thanks paperman
I do have an old version of dos on 4 floppies which came with win3.1.
I know there is ansi.sys on there but I am not sure how to extract it.
From what I understand so far, is that there are 2 config.sys files, one for windows and one for dos (although the dos one does not end in sys)and that is the one I need to find and edit.
Editing the one in windows does not make any difference when I restart in dos mode.
It's complicated but I'll get there.

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