rawprawn 15:14 23 Jan 2004

I am trying to reinstall some Psion software & I get the message "Config.nt The system file is not suitable for running MS-DOS and Microsoft Windows". It was OK about a month ago, I have run sfc/ scanonce (on boot) but no improvement. Any ideas

  spikeychris 16:06 23 Jan 2004

Have you tried click here rawprawn?

  rawprawn 17:06 23 Jan 2004

Thanks Chris Ive been looking all over with no luck. I have to go out this evening so I will try to resolve it tomorrow. I will let you know how I get on.

  rawprawn 10:23 24 Jan 2004

I printed out the web page you pointed me to and tried this morning, but when I enter what it says at the command prompt I get the message "destination is not a directory" I have tried 3 times in case I have not entered the correct way but I still get the same answer. Do you know if this problem will affect other programs ? I know it says Windows 16 bit but I don't know what that means. I'm not really bothered about the Psion because I had problems with it before which made me uninstall. It was just that I thought I would have another go to see if I could cure the problems.

  spikeychris 11:03 24 Jan 2004

Rawprawn, when you type in the commands, what are they?

expand CD-ROM Drive Letter:\i386\config.nt_ c:\windows\system32\config.nt

Note that it says *CD-ROM Drive Letter* what are you typing in place. I will look like this...

  spikeychris 11:04 24 Jan 2004

It will look like this....

expand D:\i386\config.nt_ c:\windows\system32\config.nt

Change D: to whatever your drive letter is.

  rawprawn 11:27 24 Jan 2004

I feel like a real grow bag, I typed exactly what it said instead of putting the drive letter in. I will try again now.

  rawprawn 11:36 24 Jan 2004

Now I am getting the message "the device is not ready" each time I press enter.

  spikeychris 12:03 24 Jan 2004

Just tried it on mine and it works. Have you put an installation disk in the drive? ""the device is not ready" is not an error message I would of expected, restart and shutdown all other programs including AV...everything! and retry.

If you don't have the disk and Windows is sat on the C: drive type this...

expand C:\i386\config.nt_ c:\windows\system32\config.nt

Please note I have never expanded from i386 from C: as I always have disks, cant see there being a problem its just that you are going to grab the files from a pre-installed system rather than a disk.

Have to pop out and will be gone for a while but I'll look in on you later.

Create a restore point first if using C:, as said I cant see there being a problem but its best to make sure.


  rawprawn 12:10 24 Jan 2004

Will have another go this afternoon, Idid not put the XP installation disc in the drive. thanks again

  rawprawn 13:27 24 Jan 2004

Still having problems,in case I am making another idiot mistake here is exactly what I have done. I put the WXP installation disc in e drive, clicked exit, then start/run/cmd then typed
e:\i386\config.nt_ c:\windows\system32\config.nt
I get a message "The system cannot find the patch specified" Thanks for your patience.

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