Conexant ADSL PCI modem software won't install

  John Ba 20:42 04 Jul 2005

I have just reinstalled Windows XP to clean a computer. It has a PCI ADSL modem, though it has not been used recently. The disk for internal ADSL drivers, which I hoped would install the 'Access Runner DSL' programs, doesn't appear to work properly. The Conexant help file has links to the 'DSL Wizard help' which don't work and the Wizard appears to be the only way to install the modem's software.

I have tried online sources for Conexant ADSL PCI drivers, but these appear to supply the same files.

I am also unable to get Windows, Belarc or SiSoftware Sandra Lite to recognise the hardware (though perhaps without the software installed this is not surprising). I have also tried taking out and putting back the modem to see if it would be recognised as a new device, but without success.

Any thoughts on where I can go from here would be much appreciated. With thanks in advance.

  zarobian 22:42 04 Jul 2005

Uninstall the existing Modem Driver. Just go to the Device manager,click on the Modem and click remove.

Switch of the Computer

  Kate B 13:07 05 Jul 2005

*bump* - this is my old machine that John is trying to recondition for his sister's kids. The trouble is that there is no driver installed after a wipe of the hdd and a clean reinstall of Windows and the installer on the modem's disk won't run. Search of the Conexant website isn't very helpful, either.

Any thoughts?

  wobblymike 13:36 05 Jul 2005

I do a fair bit of PC building and long ago gave up on conexant modems - thay are more trouble than they are worth. I use hardware Intel modems and have no problems with them either hardware recognition or driver installation. This doesn't answer your question but is hopefully helpful.

  retep888 14:03 05 Jul 2005

Can you put it in a working PC so as to make sure it hasn't past its best sell by date?

  Kate B 14:26 05 Jul 2005

The PC is working fine - it's just the wretched modem itself that won't install. It was fine when it was installed on that machine before, too.

  leo49 15:21 05 Jul 2005

I always tell folk to get the drivers from the link at the Madhouse where I got mine from,

click here

and then follow the excellent installation guide.

  John Ba 18:17 05 Jul 2005

I tried removing the software for two other modems (I want to keep the ADSL USB modem for my own computer, rather than hand it on with the clean computer). However, I still can't find the DSL Wizard to install the drivers with. I've been to the Madhouse, but the files I've downloaded appear to have the same problem of links in the help pages to the installation wizard not working.

With thanks for your thoughts - and I take on board your comments about Conexant modems.

  leo49 18:40 05 Jul 2005

I've never used the Wizard to install the drivers - use the Add New Hardware applet in Control Panel then follow the configuration guide at Madhouse.It really is very simple.

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