conection of 2 hdd

  bobbyc 23:37 07 Feb 2003

hi all
i have never done this before but can you tell me
the proper way to conect 2 hdd .my mate has done it with a 60 gig and a 20 gig and says he has them on 1 ide also only the 20 gig has a power lead on it the 60 gig has only the ide conected
no power lead and it works ? is this right

  jazzypop 23:45 07 Feb 2003

Before you start, look at the back of the new hard drive, and set the jumpers on it so that it is set to be a slave, not master.

Look inside your PC, find your existing hard drive.

It will have a ribbon cable going to a connector on the motherboard. There should be a spare connector 1/3rd of the way along that ribbon cable.

You screw the new hard drive into a spare bay, and connect the spare connector on the ribbon cable to the new drive. You then find a spare power connector, and connect that to the new drive.

Finally, when you first power on with your new drive in place, enter the BIOS, and set the BIOS to auto-detect all drives.

Your mate is mistaken if he thinks he has his drive working without a power connector.

  faichfolds 23:46 07 Feb 2003

One can be master and one slave if connected to the 1 ide socket, but where is he getting the power from. I might be wrong but I thought each drive needed an individual power connection.
If you have enough free IDE sockets, its best to have HDD set as master

  jazzypop 23:46 07 Feb 2003

With pictures - click here

  faichfolds 23:54 07 Feb 2003

Damn fine link

  bobbyc 00:11 08 Feb 2003

thank you
i thought you needed a power lead to it as well as the robbon cable

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