Conducting a Ping Test with Windows XP?.

  spuds 10:25 04 Mar 2011

I have been instructed to carry out a ping test by my ISP, but the test procedures have brought up some concerns and possible indications to more problems, that are trying to be resolved. I am now seeking help in perhaps getting to the heart of the problem, by 'knowing whats happening'?.

Basically the instructions state:

Start- Run- type in cmd > click OK
in the black window (DOS screen) type cd\

This will take you to a C:\> prompt

(So far so good)

Then the instructions gives a command to type in a line code for a ping test.

There then should be 'Request timed out', which should eventually lead to a Ping Statistic, covering Packets Sent =? Received =? Lost =?

But this is where the problem lies, instead of giving a Ping Statistics, the screen is filled with a continuous line repeats of similar/same information. This might indicate that the process is in a 'stuck mode' circle, which might indicate a possible line or exchange problem.

I hope the above makes sense, because I have been in touch with the ISP, and they seem as confused as myself, even though they are investigating?.

Any help would be appreciated.

  961 11:17 04 Mar 2011

"they seem as confused as...."

As you say, they are trying. Very!

click here

It would be interesting to try a simple ping test using the speedtest site to one of their servers. If you click on the begin now button the first thing the site does is carry out a ping test. A good broadband connection should produce well under 100ms. Best can be 30, mine is usually around 60/70. Anything much over 100 is not good

Bit about ping here...

click here

The speedtest site will also give you a download speed

From previous threads your router produced a line speed result of about 7Mbps but download speeds were around 2Mbps. I take it TalkTalk are still working on this

It would be interesting to see if they will give you authority to use click here which, you remember, needs their permission. Since they don't seem to be making much progress, why not ask them?

Keep going!

  rdave13 11:27 04 Mar 2011

CMD should show C:\windows\system32>
Type 'ping' immediately after then leave a space then type a domain name ( example) w w w. b b c

  rdave13 11:29 04 Mar 2011

Type ping without the quotation marks.

  spuds 12:06 04 Mar 2011

Yes I am still struggling. The TalkTalk engineer that visited stated that the problem was with TalkTalk and left them to resolve it, he couldn't.

I am conducting various speed-test, including plus others linked into that site (which sends back reports to the technicians). All results are well below what TalkTalk state that their equipment is showing. Their bandwidth on the router readings (kbps) seems to fluctuate from just over 7 to about 3, depending on times etc.

With regards to ping test on the sites I am using, all are well above the 140ms mark, and have been as high as 750ms.

Perhaps the indication that all is not well, is the fact that some tests seem to have a 'jerk' reaction. The indicator goes slowly to a position with a low speed, then jerks with a much higher rating.

As you say 'Keep going!', and that is what I am trying to do, with the help of TalkTalk :O(

Thanks again for your appreciated response to this matter. You have helped considerably.

  961 12:12 04 Mar 2011

"some tests seem to have a "jerk" reaction..."

That's typical of firewall/anti-virus programme interference with the test

You need to pause your internet security for the minute or so each test is running

  961 12:14 04 Mar 2011

"some tests seem to have a "jerk" reaction..."

That's typical of firewall/anti-virus programme interference with the test

You need to pause your internet security for the minute or so each test is running

  spuds 12:14 04 Mar 2011

And thats one of the problems, the ping test instructions by the ISP seem to be via Yahoo, with a non-result, except a continuous scrolling of same/similar information.

The ISP have even provided a 'tracer' link, that doesn't seem to respond.

I will try your bbc link, and see what happens.

If I go through a speedtest site which as a ping test, then this appears to work. Its when I try a ping test using the provided methods, that 'something' goes wrong?.

  spuds 12:19 04 Mar 2011

Thanks for that.

The parameters might be one of the problems, because in the ISP instructions they give one data reading as 1400 bytes, yet in trying to do the ping test, this seems to return to 32 bytes, which is a total mystery to me, and possibly the ISP. But they are investigating?.

  spuds 12:25 04 Mar 2011

I have tried disabling and enabling, but the end results do not appear to differ that much.

  spuds 12:36 04 Mar 2011

I have just conducted a ping test to the BBC as your instructions, and it seems to have worked.

I am now wondering why the ISP instructions stated the figure for data at 1400 bytes. The BBC site seems to accept 32 bytes (see note above?).

All becoming rather confusing. I did ask the ISP if their instructions were correct this morning, and whether different operating systems required different procedures. Question remained ?.

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