conditional formatting

  conrail 11:44 17 Jun 2009

using vista home premium 64 bit with office XP, I keep the league fixtures for a local boys football club, I use conditionaL formatting for individual rows and columns, what I am trying to do work over two colums where one affects the other, ie if 1A = home then I want 1B to automatically print in red the opponents name when I type it in; then I want 1B to automatically print in blue the opponents name again when I type it in, currently the formatting only applies to one row or column where I have the venue and names to format to the correct colour but as each season starts I have to then change to colours accordingly of the oppents if we are home or away different from last season, sorry if it's long winded. all advice greatly appreciated

  VoG II 16:56 17 Jun 2009

Sorry but I really don't know what you are trying to do.

Maybe one of these CF tutorials will help click here click here

  conrail 13:27 18 Jun 2009

thanks for your reply VoG™, have looked at suggestions but can't see what I am after, I will try to explain more clearly;
have set conditional formatting to display when column A equals H (home) then display in red if Column A equals A (away) then display in blue
when I put the opponents into the next column, Column B, I want to display name in red if column A equals H and blue if Column A equals A rather than having to change to columns manually after I input the opposition, hope that is more clearer

  xania 18:27 18 Jun 2009

I'm sure VOG will come up with a better solution, but what I do is set the entier coplumn to one colour (say Red in your case) then formot the entire column that if the field = A, infill the cell with Blue.

  VoG II 19:49 18 Jun 2009

See if you can adapt this click here

In your case the formula for the first (red) condition would be


and you would select all the columns to apply this to then apply the format.

  conrail 14:36 27 Jun 2009

Hi guys, this is what I was after, got off a friend:

Select cell B1 and set it's conditional formatting to 'Formula is', rather than 'Value is' and use the formula =A1="h" and set the format to red text. Click OK.
You have 2 choices to get the blue text: you can either do a second conditional format by clicking the Add>> button and using the formula =A1="a" and setting the format to blue text, or you could just select the entire column B and change the text colour to blue. That way whatever you type would be in blue unless the conditional format changed it to red.

To apply the same formatting to the rest of column B, click in Cell B1 and then click the Format Painter tool (circled in red in the screenshot). Then drag down all the cells in column B that you want it applied to.

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