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  Bill 15:04 30 Apr 2004

In order to save the mp3 music tracks that I had not already burned to CD's, I decided to condense them, and burn them at the rate of about 163 tracks per CD instead of the usual 19 or 20.

Twelve months later, I would like to put them back into normal play mode, and having found the pile of CD's, I have now forgotten how I managed to condense them in the first place, and how to put things back to normal.

I can play them on my PC, but not on my Hi-Fi system, and Roxio 7 refuses to help, and Win Media Player 9 isn't any use either.

Please, is there anyone out there who has any ideas that may help me?


  TBH1 15:09 30 Apr 2004

most cd burning software will do this for you - - just select to create an audio CD, select the files you want to burn and the software will do the rest

  moore_mat 15:12 30 Apr 2004

You need an MP3 to WAV converter - the WAV format is uncompressed and can be burnt to a CD which you can play on your hi-fi

Just did a quick search and this came up as the top option, though I haven't tried it personally - but it is free!
click here

It would be also worth visiting putting in "mp3 to wav convert" in the search and see what it pops up... Look for anything with the word free in it unless you want to register after 30 days!

Anyone had any real life experiences with any of this kind of software?


[email protected]

  Confab 15:20 30 Apr 2004

Do you need an mp3 to wav converter? Surly Roxio can do this for you just as NERO can. In Nero you just drag and drop the MP3's into the burn pain and it does the conversopn for you. Just make sure that you have selected audio CD mode in the first instance.

Can anyone with Roxio help as I use NERO

  Bill 15:49 30 Apr 2004

My Audio MP3 files are now rated as digital, and ordinary software will not touch them.I cannot even save them to my HD.

I get the response (Incompatible), and I really need to un-condense them first.

By the way moore_mat, thanks for your suggestion, but the site that you pointed me to. Just drops out, so I cannot get any download from it.

Thanks to you both, Bill

  Confab 15:53 30 Apr 2004

If you right click on one of the files and select properties what file type is detailed?

  Smiler 16:14 30 Apr 2004

What program did you use to "condense" the files originally? Does this program allow you to convert back to wave?

  Bill 18:03 30 Apr 2004

That's the rub, I cannot remember what programme I used, and I've tried every which way that i can think of.

The files are mp3 stereo at a Audio sample rate of 44kHz and a variable bit rate not less than 128Kbps.

They still play well on my PC, but I just cannot off-load them anywhere.


  Smiler 19:03 30 Apr 2004

As Confab has stated you should be able to just drag them into the burn window of an audio cd window and the program will automatically convert the file as it burns to disc.

What about Musicmatch Jukebox 8.2

click here

  pj123 19:41 30 Apr 2004

The long way round but should do it for you. Download JetAudio from click here and install.

  pj123 19:44 30 Apr 2004

Sorry, forget this post. I suddenly got a popup on here (even though I have a popup blocker installed) and while trying to get rid of it I must have got the response posted. I will come back when I sort this out.

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