Concerned about mobo monitor readings !

  samson1589 21:38 01 Feb 2009

Hi i have downloaded motherboard monitor and i am concerned about the results it is showing me. So i have taken a screenshot or print screen now how do i put a link to it on this discussion so i can get some opinions ?

  MAT ALAN 21:42 01 Feb 2009

click here

this will help...

  samson1589 22:05 01 Feb 2009

Thanks Mat Alan,

hopefully here is my screenshot: click here

Sorry about the size and quality of this pic i dont claim to be any kind of expert at this !

My concerns are well all of it really, temps, voltages, speeds - bearing in mind i know next to nothing about these things but i think my PSU is seriously underperforming and everything else is overheating. This screenshot was taken about 20 minutes after i switched on PC and i have only been on internet to download mobo monitor.

Am i right to be concerned ?

Any advice on how to remedy ?

  samson1589 22:24 01 Feb 2009

Sorry for those of you who are not mind readers, my system:

Motherboard: click here

CPU: Sempron 2800

PSU: 300W Jeantech Model HPC-300-202

Graphics Card: AH3450 AGP

Hard Drives: 1 x 120GB Seagate
1 x 60GB WD

Other Drives: 1 x CDRW Benq
1 x CD Benq
1 x Floppy

512mb Ram
Windows XP Professional SP2

Hope This Is Of Some Use ?

Many thanks

  MAJ 22:56 01 Feb 2009

Forget about the monitor for a moment and go into your BIOS, look for the Hardware Monitoring section and see what it reports in there. Check out the manual for your motherboard, page 33. click here

  samson1589 00:38 03 Feb 2009

Bios Hardware Monitor Results:

CPU: 1.552V

DDR: 2.592V

CPU Fan: 5443RPM

CPU Temp: 57C

Who do i believe mobo monitor or bios ?

Why is one of them so far off the mark ?

Are the results ok ?

  Quiet Life 13:01 03 Feb 2009

Hardware Monitor by Cupid is free and informative,
Download here click here

They all use the same sensors should readings should be roughly the same

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